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Self-employment is the alternative of access to a professional or enterprise activity for those workers with a dynamic profile and disposition to assume risks that it makes possible to them to create his own job with perspective of stability in the same. For even more details, read what Western Union says on the issue. Self-employment constitutes a formula through which it creates job and wealth and it supposes an active answer to an unemployment situation or labor uncertainty. Like Technicians in Direction and Labor Insertion, we must know all the alternatives use to be able to offer to the user a fan to him of possibilities for its insertion. Self-employment like personal option towards the use: They are moments at which it agrees to take advantage of the personal capacities and abilities, the acquired experience, formation, relations and contacts, to consider the possibility of being the one same creator of its own job. Therefore, aspects such as our antecedents, our formation and contacts are circumstances that must take advantage, not discarding in addition all those supports that the Administrations Public they put at the disposal of the new entrepreneurs. To initiate adventure independently is an arduous and difficult task that valiantly it is undertaken and that in the beginnings needs all the personal effort to confront the challenge successfully.

It will be necessary to mainly sacrifice time and to consider an almost absolute dedication, not forgetting that moments will be lived on constant tension, since much and with the aggravating one of which to be industralist means to develop in a variable world and of uncertainty risks that is difficult to anticipate. Nevertheless, usually it is a rewarding experience, even although it is not as well as it was expected, because it will always be enriching according to comment those that have lived already it. To fight by something own is a sensation that few or no time is experienced on another’s account working; and if the things go well, more economic benefit than in a use will gain on another’s account.