IRIA, shows with her fourth album, “safe” what healing music can have. Because she believes firmly. Munster, October 29th 2010. The company of oomoxx media, service providers in the field of producing digital media (CD, DVD, Blu-ray and USB sticks), recently announced, you’ll assume distribution for the latest CD “Salvaged” by singer and songwriter IRIA Saeed. The album is the fourth record in the distribution of oomoxx media. The love of music was placed almost in the cradle IRIA. Already her mother was very musical.

They play recorder, later, bassoon, guitar finally learned from childhood on. And of course, write the songs. “During the roller coaster ride of puberty”, IRIA writes on her website, “flew the bassoon in the corner and I was against everything and everyone.” Including himself. A crisis accompanied the next, the unspeakable ran up. But the love for the music and the songs writing helped her to find herself again. “To write songs became my means of expression.” And to a Survival strategy. She studied psychology in Trier, then worked after graduating first in the profession. But it was actually the music to which she felt drawn towards.

And so IRIA became independent in 2004. She writes all her songs, sings and picks them up. In addition, she are sing seminars and directs her own music circle. In their IRIA sings songs about life, so how it met her: “About love, in all its various forms of expression, about my own spiritual journey about what touches me and employs.” Their songs will touch the people and give them courage. IRIA believes in the healing power of music. Music can express unspeakable, she combines and builds bridges: “A song can a railing be a path, a bridge, a heart step, a prayer”. IRIA’s music is always colorful and versatile, “time rousing rhythmically, even romantic dreamy or contemplative, meditative times to listen and to sing along.” The songs are personal life themes of love and passion, of spirituality, of courage and restlessness and coming home. “Become a driven I,” writes IRIA, “again and again by my longing for a world that is characterized by love and mindfulness, and knowing that we all are part of a larger whole and in mutual responsibility.” “Salvaged” by IRIA Saeed is now available in the media shop on, through the distributors of oomoxx media, as well as the phonogram available on market. oomoxx media produced since 2004 in the sales order CDs, DVDs and, since 2009, Blu-rays and USB flash drives. Oomoxx media handles productions in every size and design in cooperation with a broad network of certified suppliers. Main of activity is the CD and DVD production with packaging and printed materials of all kinds. About reproduction, oomoxx media offers a wide range of additional services: by the Premastering and authoring, deploying various code and the clarification of rights and royalty processing through the creation of artwork up to the sales of the CD production and DVD offers production oomoxx media all services competent and committed a hand.