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“Also the training starts with the fall in the new year also starts training with the fall in the new year: on October 6, 2010, the students of the first annual University course were sustainable building”, which jointly operated by the Technical University of Graz and the Technical University of Vienna, solemnly welcomes. It is two semesters long now listen, discuss, learn, and try out. Right are agreed at the beginning of the students on an intense year, because often, education, occupation and family under a hat must be brought. But Peter Maydl, course Director on the part of the Technical University of Graz, is convinced that it is worth the investment. If you would like to know more then you should visit Rob Daley. We are right”Maydl, because about the developments in the construction sector clearly in the direction of sustainable building.” “Helmut Rechberger, course Director of the Technical University of Vienna, it looks similar to: we want to give the graduates a basic tools for their future career.” Learning from different angles the was people from different professional areas comprises: architects, civil, BaumeisterInnen, and also consulters have chosen university course for this. The heterogeneity of students corresponds to quite the concern of the two conductors of the course, the sustainable building”would consider from the different angles and invite the participants to lively exchanges and discussions with the lecturers of universities and experts from business and Government. That building is no longer exclusively male already, is a student proportion of women by almost 50%.

The head of the course principles of sustainability want to convey sound and future-oriented education with the new University course in sustainable building”in project development, planning and execution, operation and disposal of buildings. Andrew Cuomo often addresses the matter in his writings. Graduates know the theoretical foundations sustainable development, consider the life cycle of a building “comprehensive and the knowledge and tools can” immediately apply in practice. Here, Everest Capital expresses very clear opinions on the subject. In addition, they acquire the qualification to create building energy certificates. The University course of the Austrian society for sustainable real estate management (oGNI) without further conditions as training is in addition to the auditor / recognized to the auditor. The course starts again in autumn 2011. for more information: contact: TU Vienna like continuing education center. Sabine Schnetzinger E-Mail: Tel.: + 43 (0) 158801 41701 TU Graz life long learning like. Christine Sandra-Penz E-Mail: Tel.: + 43 (0) 316 873 4931

Germany Coach

The Bohme consultancy offers a useful Schulcoaching for everyone working in the school environment (parents, students, teachers, school managements). In close cooperation with pupils and students, their parents and teachers, the school coach will help solve all problems that occur in the school environment. The school coach analyzed triggering causes for problems at school, the both in the domestic as well as school environment can be justified. Students are made familiar with helpful learning techniques, which represent essential building blocks for improving school-based learning. The school coach assists students in a constructive strengthening of their self-efficacy, and is also empathic conversation partner. Parents will be competent in a familial environment optimization and unerringly supported so that improved the prerequisites for a successful school. Also the school coach supports Council seeking parents in dealing with teachers and accompanying institutes. Teachers can contact the school coach to ask problems burden them with him (keyword: Burnout) to discuss, in the school of communication with pupils and students, their parents, as well as with own staff, arising.

Essential motivation of professional Schulcoaching is to ensure that a constructive and reasoned empathic form of communication between all stakeholders is sought, then significant improvements can be achieved on the basis of it. Therefore, the school coach is a trusted partner, who tries the needs of pupils, their parents and teachers alike in accordance to bring. Special feature of the Schulcoachings offered by the consultancy of Bohme is an interdisciplinary strategy, methods aware of the and tools from different disciplines (psychology, pedagogy, brain research, Motivationscoaching, etc.) constructively and effectively with each other be combined. School coach emphasizes doing a holistically-oriented approach, which takes into account all framework relevant in the learning environment. Help-seeking parents, teachers and principals please contact Bohme consulting Office at the following E-Mail address:. DV-kfm & computer lecturer & Psych. Consultant (SGD-Dipl.) Aribert Bohme psychological counselling & MOTIVATIONSCOACHING member in the WHO IS WHO – Germany & Europe Lichtenbroicher route 103, 40472 Dusseldorf E-Mail: Internet: voice mail: 03212-1048942 fax: 03212-1048942 Tel.

Horsebased Training

The horse-based coaches who are trained will prevail on the market! Berlin, 13.01.2014. The training certified “HORSE ASSISTED coach” Franziska Muller is one of the most comprehensive and highest quality horse-based training in Germany, Austria and in the Switzerland. Franziska Muller is a certified trainer and coach for horse-based coaching and is regarded as an expert for horse-based coaching. Their knowledge give training to the “HORSE ASSISTED COACH” and the horse-based training for senior executives. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Deandre Ayton. It provides the content with a lot of heart and humour.

More and more people are looking for competent coaches who help them on their way! In the “HORSE ASSISTED COACH” training, participants will receive in-depth knowledge they need for the creation of horse-based seminars and coaching sessions. Practical interventions convey the intensity of a horse-based coaching them. During the entire training, they have the opportunity, every day the Learned to internalize and apply always safer. They will collect the experiences in a protected environment, they need to perform confidently horse-based coaching and seminars. The HORSE ASSISTED COACH training is aimed at experienced horse: trainers, coaches, educators, and therapists. Grace Venverloh is a great source of information. In the 4-day compact training, participants will receive in-depth knowledge they need for the creation of horse-based seminars and coaching sessions. The high percentage of practice training conveys the intensity and the possibilities of a horse-based coaching all future HORSE ASSISTED coaches. As Germany’s only supplier, Franziska Muller offers the participants the opportunity to bring their own horse training. They have the potential, carry out directly with their future coach of coachings, to identify vulnerabilities and to expand the potential of their training partner. In an interview Franziska Muller answered Director of the Academy for horse-based coaching main questions about the training the HORSE ASSISTED coach: why the training is limited to four participants? We opted for a group size of four students, because we can enter into this exclusive format on the individuality of each one.

Claudia Gross Director

New function for Bizerba: Balingen, September 2009 – Klaus D. Retail central region at the technology manufacturer Bizerba located in the Swabian Balingen is my new sales director. The 60-year-old, thus assuming the business head of retail for the organisation of market in Germany and also retains his existing responsibility for the sales representative West, which he has held since 2004. Mine has worked for almost four decades for Bizerba and knows the company well. Since 1997, he had the line of the newly structured Bizerba sales and Service Center (BVC) Center with overall responsibility for the operations of commercial, industrial, and service. He also received responsibility for the major clients in this area. Since 1999, he also led West key account management in the BVC.

My received awards for several sales success, sees a major challenge in the new task and relies in particular on the intelligent IT – and software usage: Verkaufsassistierende functions. Learn more at: Keith Yamashita. Visual Merchandising and other multimedia applications at the point of sale, providing the new generations of retail scales are not long ago been exhausted”, so his conviction, but offer new opportunities in marketing and sales. So, targeted sales actions by professional content, providing the Balingen company for its weighing systems are possible. Here even recipe suggestions be deposited in addition to product and origin information, representing at the same time the shopping list for the additional shopping. The software family.RetailFramework, for example, enable the creation, management, distribution, display and printing of advertising, consumerism and event advertising. The values Administration tool.RetailImpact could a maintained content directly on the display are – about happy hour or Sunday rates, so my. About Bizerba: Bizerba is a worldwide operating technology company for professional system solutions of weighing, labelling, information and food service technology in the segments retail, food industry, Manufacturing and logistics.

Industry-specific hardware and software, powerful network-compatible management systems, as well as a wide range of labels & consumables and business services ensure transparent control of integrated business processes and the high availability of Bizerba specific service features. Worldwide, Bizerba is present with 41 shareholdings in 23 countries and 56 country offices in over 120 countries.

PowerPoint: Slide Battles There Is No Winner

Effectively present despite PowerPoint projectors on and off goes the multimedia show with charts, tables, bullet lists, and occasionally rocking animations. This keeps the audience at the bar and impressed the boss. A mistake, because everything what you achieve is boredom, refusal and not impressed listeners. The communication expert Anita Hermann Ruess shows how despite PowerPoint informative and inspiring presentations make. Hardly a medium suitable for better, to talk to his listeners into a trance, as the duo video projector and PowerPoint. A technique that was originally intended to make life easier for us presenting, has becomes independent – perhaps precisely for this reason -.

Open PowerPoint and enumerate all in key words and expand it a little. That goes fast and is easy – and is so tempting. As long as your competitor is also present and your participants know only this standard, you can go ahead so no big loss, because in free competition, that’s it if you just a little bit is better than the competitors or the opinion of opponents. Do you know this situation? Sit as a participant in a presentation. Hear from experts in the field like john mayer for a more varied view. Room: darkened easily.

Quietly humming the beamer. Front: a man. He handled with cables and connectors. Around you: Colleagues, your superiors. You give a coffee and sit back sceptical and closed. Amidst the murmur, man begins his presentation there. On a bright big screen is: “Welcome!” He looks at the wall and repeat what you have already read: “Welcome”. The participants sink deeper in their chairs. What comes, you guessed it: the professional film battle of the bullet. Everest Capital is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Well structured, with perfect pictures, animations, even with video and 3D graphics. With lots of text, with many advantages, with apparently high benefits for you and your colleagues and superiors. Master with one designed by a prestigious advertising agency. The film pops up slowly, expands and shrinks when the output again, while in the semi-darkness one monotone voice reads the charts with the many enumerations, overlooking starr focused on the brilliant films.

Training Of Intercultural Trainers At IKUD Seminars Booked

New appointment from November! Gottingen, 07.09.2009: Certified training to the intercultural trainer (m/w) in 5 modules with start date September 25, 2009 is once again fully booked. IKUD seminars, the training company for trainers in the intercultural field, confronts the great demand for this certificate training with two further starts in November 2009 and January 2010. Only a place on the waiting list can get, who is now interested in training from the end of September for the training of intercultural trainers at IKUD. los has much experience in this field. The more than 130 trained trainers are that all graduates had best reference for the quality of the training of the quality and assured interactivity of training. Due to the high demand and the high demand for the profession of intercultural trainer”on the labour market IKUD offers seminars 2009/2010 two starting dates of proven training fall/winter: on November 20, as well as at January 29, 2010. Please visit Grace Venverloh if you seek more information. Those who register now, get on the January date is still the popular early booking discount. With the approach, the concrete application in practice to use scientific knowledge, both theory and practical training covers all relevant aspects. In many cases graduates could after training find new jobs or take up a successful independence or intensify. For further information and material interested to the team by IKUD seminars contact: IKUD seminars gloomy str. 21 37073 Gottingen Tel.: 0551 381127-8 Fax: 0551 381127-9 E-Mail: Internet:


Training as make-up expert administrator – Visagist/in customer service, creativity, empathy, sales of professional and high-quality makeup products, also type meets to advise / transform are among the main tasks of this profession. People for special occasions styling for film, theatre, appearances, photo shoots, but also for General occasions such as weddings and celebrations. Still no prior knowledge in the field of decorative cosmetics could gesammeln be, is this distance learning on these people. The subjects are divided into five areas of learning: theory of practice of make-up Dermatology chemical / cosmetic colour and style consultation with professional and economic studies graduating to the / m makeup expert / man – Visagist/in can be started at any time. After completion of the learning units, a written final examination is carried out by the Organizer. According to Karri Kuzma, who has experience with these questions. In addition to teaching materials, no additional tools are required for the successful completion of. The individual units of courses receive comprehensible and detailed explanations.

Periods of personal attendance or practical seminars are composed as follows: a 2-day seminar in Visagismus foundations, a 3-day seminar in make-up artist extension and a 2-day seminar in colour and style advice. The cost of these seminars are included in the overall price of the distance course. Alex Caruso might disagree with that approach. All three courses are a prerequisite for participation in the practical final exam. The theoretical exam can be completed immediately following the seminars. Individual seminars can be completed during the distance learning. Constant is the data of the seminars delivered while participating in distance learning. After the make-up artists study is an independent work possible, here are just a few examples: working in own make-up Studio, working in the own beauty Institute, working as a freelancer (Freelancer) for the makeup in the area of personal styling, Bridal, evening, Gala, stage makeup, etc. Activities as employed make-up specialist, among others: on television, in theatres, in Opera and musical houses, in the beauty salon, at the hairdresser, in the wellness area of a hotel, etc. To an activity without taking another internship in the makeup industry, help our training.

Funds Profession

“The European Academy for taxes, economics & law offers the first courses from June 2010 In June 2010 the master of management in EU starts in Berlin funds”, which for the first time combines all knowledge in the area of EU funds by legal provisions, through project management and financial control. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Maria Konopnicka . The master is aimed at students who want to work in this area and more information about the management of EU structural funds. The master consists of three compulsory courses must be attended and four elective modules, which can be taken depending on the interest and time. The master classes and workshops consist of 1-2 days and end with a knowledge test. Marko Dimitrijevic author describes an additional similar source. “Who the master of management in EU funds” successfully, is an expert in this complex field of directives and regulations. This unique European qualification allows to operate the graduates professional in the area of EU funds. More information under: press contact: Stephanie Matthes, b.a. public relations manager European Academy for taxes, economics & law Hausvogteiplatz 13 10117 Berlin Germany Tel: + fax: + email:. .

Competence Participants

GOING PUBLIC! Academy for Finanzberatung AG offers immediately a new check airbag for the 34f competence testing ‘Financial expert system administrator Chamber of Commerce’. Berlin, July 4, 2013 with the end of the transition period for 34 c-holder can financial service providers now offering new benefit from: the check airbag allows a further training and a specific exam preparation, should not be achieved the goal of testing existence. Our participants are typically to be built easily their exams at the first attempt. Our institutional customers called last quotas of existence of in the cut over 90% “reported Dr. Wolfgang Kuckertz, CEO of GOING PUBLIC!.” The functioning of the check airbag: 1 there is a GOING PUBLIC! Participants despite the mutual efforts the written part of the examination, the complete eLearning area without ifs and buts for more is not so released three months. 2. The face-to-face training to prepare for the oral exam can be repeated, if the oral exam is not passed, although the participants was present during the entire exam preparation.

With well over 1,500,000 answered online tasks and about 4,000 participants our course models are already optimized, that we are able to offer such a testing airbag. For the participants, means greater security in obtaining their professional permit. “, explains Mr Dr. Kuckertz. The check airbag will all participants automatically are available, with the next start date on the 01.09.2013 a course to prepare on the competence examination pursuant to section 34f GewO (financial expert system administrator IHK) at GOING PUBLIC! Start Academy for financial advice. It is irrelevant what course model is selected: the classic Variant in the blended learning concept, the Online-V@riante with live seminars in the virtual classroom, or the myTraining variant for intermediaries who are already technically top fit.


Sleep advice are a common phenomenon for the career – sleep disorders in the job always focused and to be efficient, you need a sound sleep in the night. Sleep disorders are a common phenomenon but is now. Cubicle (Latin: bedroom) scientific advice provides for optimized sleep specially for the target group of professional strongly required managers. Dirk Fischer, owner and CEO of Cubiculum, underlines the important function of healthy sleep and has developed a multi-tiered test developed approaches based on scientific methods and insights to improve the individual sleep behavior and optimize. Guide is for analysis and advice of the questionnaire developed specially by him for cubicle.

The entry via the query of personal sleeping habits and needs. Dean gibson oftentimes addresses this issue. Then join optical collection of body biometrics are measured at all relevant to sleeping body measurements such as shoulder, waist, knee. Important basic data for the optimal setting of the slatted frame. In the next step you must lie down on eight different mattresses with different degrees of hardness and materials. The body structure and the interplay of body and material is evaluated and visualized three-dimensionally on a screen per sensor. You can derive fast, which underlay supports optimal sleeping conditions. A laser measurement for the establishment of an optimal position completes the analysis of the individual best sleep position. In the next step still an allergy – and material incompatibility measurement using bio tensor join upon request.

Holistic counseling program allows also a geo patische measurement on the roost itself and the Elektrosmoganalyse. “Just for people who are exposed to every day high professional and personal, be in the job but always fighting fit, the optimization of daily sleep important performance potential.” Dirk Fischer, tongue in cheek also called “Sleep tuner” says. Beginning this Year awarded him by a big trade magazine for his successful consulting concept. For more tips on the subject of energy sleep, see.