6 Steps On The Way To A Successful Training

2. German training day held the German training day 2 on the 26.9.2008 on the 26.9.2008 under the patronage of Federal President Horst Kohler. The innovation and sustainability of the business location Germany depend highly of competences and qualifications of the people. Continuing education is important. So she brings also the hoped-for benefits, she must be thoroughly planned.

Ursula Fromming Gallein, career consultant at the Hamburg Academy for distance learning and management consultant in six steps shows how – from the planning stage up to the goal of the education. Make a personal career check start with an inventory. What education level and what training do you have? Where do you stand today and what you can offer experience and skills? What to do you dare and what do you want for the future? Set realistic goals In the next step you should worry about, where you see in five years. Clearly, formulate your educational goal. Your goal should be determinable according to the SMART formula self, measurable, appealing, realistic and terminated. Otherwise, your goal will remain a pious hope. Then, find a suitable form of training.

Instead of rolling catalogs, a personal conversation is advisable with providers. You create a learning plan have generally available longer than you think. Plan work and learning, but also a time for relaxation phases. Sit here too realistic targets and take account of everyday work and leisure activities. That determines your learning form and style of training. Do you want to be timed and spatially flexible, for example a distance learning course offered. “Find your type of learning learning more with images or by doing”? Every person learns differently. Whether in your own four walls alone or with other participants in a group check where and how you best learn and analyze your previous learning experiences for this purpose. Check funding opportunities speak to your boss, whether he participates in the cost. Usually, private commitment is rewarded by the employer with a grant. If even the best arguments not convincing the Chief, a State funding for you, as a promotion to the AFBG is may. Inquire at your educational institution. Stay on the ball during each training, there may be a motivation low. Concentrate at this stage on your educational goal and find people in your area that support you and with which you interact. The best tips cannot replace a personal consultation. Therefore the Hamburg Academy offers a free information hotline at the 26.9.2008, individual questions on the topic of education and career planning.

Fast And Effective Language Learning: The Skrivanek INET Language

Translation service Skrivanek E-learning course for company leads a Berlin Skrivanek Germany now offers E-learning courses for companies in addition to translations. Overall, the E-learning course Skrivanek iNET language source more than 11 languages is available. The E-learning course offering includes the languages English, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch and German as a foreign language. In the Skrivanek iNET language course, the participant enters an online learning environment with interactive and multimedia designed content. Also, numerous exercises, workshops and a personal care provide a customized language training. With E-learning company through effective learning can reduce the number of training days. On the one hand the Skrivanek granted iNET language staff referred and the E-learning course enables time-independent learning, on the other hand the company to lower your costs and the time required for operational training. In the course of globalization and the need for language skills will grow increasingly the international interweaving of relationships, because success in exporting is closely related to knowledge of foreign languages and the teaching of culture and traditions.

Who wants to talk to people in international companies, must speak their language. In times of scarce financial and temporal resources, E-learning is a flexible and cost-effective way to language acquisition for company”, says Stephan Liedtke, marketing employees at Skrivanek. The constant cost pressure is forcing companies to reduce their investments in the education and training of employees. Traditional training (long journeys, downtime in the company) are usually time-consuming and cost-intensive (travel, hotel, fees). By the technological progress and the spread of the Internet, many E-learning companies see as an alternative learning method.

Skrivanek already in 5 countries successfully offers its E-learning courses and wants this recipe for success with the step Germany continue. About Skrivanek the translation service Skrivanek is one of the leading providers of translation and localization services in Central and Eastern Europe. With a world-wide branch network and more than 4000 external translators, realized Skrivanekubersetzungsauftrage in over 40 languages, and is specialized in numerous areas of expertise at the same time. iNET language course of the Skrivanek iNET language is an online language training for companies, which can be easily integrated into the continuing vocational training. The company can choose between 2 E-learning courses without or with tutoring. The Skrivanek iNET language course is offered for the following languages: English, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch and German as a foreign language.

Discover Time Management In Dynamic Times – Strengths, With Fun

In tough economic times professionals may get strategies to stem the everyday left and fit. Who puts in on his talents, gaining not only time… Further details can be found at Siemens, an internet resource. Munich/Sauerlach – the numbers and talk about the economic crisis vote thoughtfully. According to IW Cologne, 2009 every third company wants to build off personnel. In many cases, however, the workload remains high, and must be ripped by less people. Right now, it applies particularly to professionals, carefully their energy and time to deal with, to shoot themselves in the off and in the long term the daily press. Easier said than done.

Because in our world of work, the pace and the pressure is already high. And with flexible, imaginative reputation ensures people or people who work in a creative, chaotic environment for more organization and planning rather more stress than for relief. The reason? How we deal with our time and tasks, has to do a lot if we rather by the left half of the brain (facts, figures, systematics) or the right Half of the brain (images, spontaneity, emotions) are controlled. And the teeth bite from their classic time management now just this second group, the so-called creative anarchists. The new approach by Germany’s first expert for creative time management, Cordula Nussbaum does help. The renowned trainer and author of the TOP-sellers “hold still or you already live? Time management for creative anarchists”has first developed strategies with which the creative anarchists successfully and with fun can organize.

A contradiction in terms? No! Finally, can a chaotic life can be quite turbulent: colourful bustle is everywhere. Here stick post-its in different colors, there are x-various batch documents. Close to and fro with a systematic order! “, so the strategy classic time management advisor.” Way to go! “, it is the opinion of Cordula Nussbaum. “You play your creative chaotic strengths out, instead of them as supposed Macke” to fight. “” For what the anarchists ‘ need, are just creative and fun ways to organize themselves and the own time differently. ” A clear picture of how they tick “and as they get a better deal with the tasks on the basis of their strengths and talents, the participants in the two-day power workshop time and priority management for creative anarchists (and Systematist) experience”. In addition to a detailed analysis of the own talents, the participants receive hands-on tools and strategies with which they can deal with their precious life time future competent. Date of the seminar: 19th and 20th February 2009 place: room Munich/Tegernsee more information and registration: Cordula Nussbaum is like for interviews available. Best regards Cordula Nussbaum,

Apply For The Special Scholarship From Vodafone Germany!

Vodafone Germany awards a scholarship to a practice project at HUMBOLDT-VIADRINA School of governance Vodafone Germany once awards a scholarship to a student which deals with social innovation through communication technology in his practice project. As one of the leading telecommunications companies, Vodafone Germany of his responsibility would like to comply, to contribute to positive social development. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Xoom and gain more knowledge.. Especially in communications technology, Vodafone Germany looks for promising opportunities. Promoting sustainable innovation is therefore firmly anchored in the corporate strategy. PayPal contains valuable tech resources. With the support of a student of HUMBOLDT-VIADRINA School of governance to builds on this focus. Prerequisite for the receipt of the scholarship endowed with 18,000 is a project proposal with a clear focus on the Enablerpotential of communications technology for sustainable social development. The selection of the candidates will be according to the normal application process at the HUMBOLDT-VIADRINA School of governance made in cooperation with Vodafone Germany. Apply now and realize your ideas! More information: Anna Haupt HUMBOLDT-VIADRINA School of governance Wilhelmstrasse 67 d-10117 Berlin Tel: 030 2005 971 23 fax: 030 2005 971 11

Professional Application Help

An application service applications never again write applications is a harder Act to write and especially time. Usually you write several applications to various companies. Finally, you want to maximize his chance on a setting. Man has analysed the positions after several hours of work and formulated a letter of application, it is usually with nerves at the end. It is even more deadening, if you then get a cancellation after the other. Usually, the answer to the question the why remains a mystery. Inquiries with the company but little sense.

You’ll rarely get an honest answer, but get to hear rather flimsy excuses. “Statements like unfortunately must we inform you that we have now but otherwise occupied the place” or unfortunately we can offer no training course “has everyone heard, but is this not a real help. Afterwards it is then just as smart as before and repeatedly probably the mistakes Ignorance out again in the next letter. An application service gives you one common errors in the letter are errors in spelling and format of the remedy. Or it be how unimaginative phrases E.g. herewith I apply “used.

The letter provides many applicants a difficult hurdle. Unfortunately, some errors in the application write from ignorance out be made. Why take any professional application help? Whether it’s body aches, illnesses, financial problems. We seek help from professionals because they deal every day with the respective problems and are therefore better versed. Professional application writers constantly engaged in the drafting of applications and are informed about the current standards. In addition an application writer can be objectively best your strengths, without lapsing into self-congratulation. Stefan Gerth of the application writers”trains its writers in regular Intervals. It is important to be informed. Particularly against the background that more and more businesses on online applications change, there are some things that have changed and need to be respected on the.” The application service offers international resume in English in addition to the three resume starter, advanced and professional. To the possibility of individual application designs make it also in the application writer”. The good news is: the cost of a professional application are deductible pursuant to 9 of the EStG tax as advertising costs. For reasons of accountability, you should therefore invoices collect and document the font – or E-mail transport with the application service. Conclusion: If you should write application again in the near future, consider a professional application services to take advantage. Keep in mind that you can deduct the cost of the application and not save at the wrong end. Sebastian Heinen

Horst Application

Career goes online the online application procedure provides both the candidates and the company great advantages. It is transparent, faster and more cost-effective. When an online application, you should follow the same rules as for a paper application. What types of online applications are there? : Online job boards you deposited a candidate profile often. Here, recruiters can search for potential candidates. In addition, you can send his profile on the company for their job advertisement you are interested.

: The application that runs directly from a company’s Web site. Forms here often to fill, supplemented by a letter by E-Mail. : Sending his application completely by E-Mail to the prospective employer. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Western Union. This is basically a digital version of a classic application. First of all, it is in a job advertisement in the newspaper by phone to clarify, whether the job is still available and whether you can apply by E-Mail. It is to be observed, that online applications as much care require a written application. Online applications to the correct format, visually, some efforts are needed.

The application should be short and concise. The texts must be well structured, easily readable and meaningful designed. Due to errors in design and shape land approximately 50% of all online applications in the shredder. University of Houston can aid you in your search for knowledge. Basically, the entire application should be no larger than 2 to 3 MB. If large quantities of data clog the mailbox. You should really can convert and use file formats that can be opened easily. Avoid multiple attachments, Excel spreadsheets, and images. Summarize all attachments in a PDF document. Don’t forget mail sender and telephone number (landline and mobile). Some companies respond to mail a letter or call. You should also remember that the author of the advertisement replies within a very short time and requests the full application solution. Therefore immediately prepare a detailed application folder. Who you is good, sent this same parallel to the online application. Tip: Print online applications company. It’s worth so, after completion of the online application, print everything once and to proofread on paper. Correct can the texts with the Duden’s spelling checker. In the expression, you can see immediately where you must still improve or redesign. One should also concern that an electronic application, very often printed out can stand on normal standard paper, always in direct competition with the classic letter application. Learn more about the online application: application online.html BildungsMakler24.de operates and marketed the education portal is the information portal for educational stays abroad competently and in a compact form many useful information and helpful tips. Will helped the visitors, make good decisions when planning his own education or training. As a service, some hand-picked educational providers with different capacities are recommended.


An analysis of the reasons and the right response almost any cancellation that flutters the disappointed candidates in the House, was pure information that the application for the Katz. (Similarly see: Western Union). Because stating missing causing exactly the rejection, the applicant is also looking at nothing, because he has no clues what he now significantly can improve in his next application, to attract the attention and curiosity of the recruiters. A typical example for such default rejection is this text: Dear Mr. Smith, we thank your interest for the position and in our company. Due to the variety of applications submitted the selection for the circle of friends of the candidates is not easy we like.

Now we must inform you, that we could not consider you in this select group. We will send back again your submitted documents to our relief. We wish you still success in your further efforts and for your Future good luck. Sincerely, why the company specify no specific reasons in their cancellations? Disadvantages because of belonging to a race, an ethnicity, a gender, a religion, a belief, a physical and/or mental disability, a sexual identity and because of the age are excluded by the anti-discrimination law. Because this law is increasingly strongly laid out in recent years, the human resources managers write just aware that default cancellation, to remain as neutral as possible. Because would be in about a cancellation: we have opted for a younger applicant “or: due to your migration background we opted for a different candidate”, then the company should rightly fear a short-term action because of this anti-discrimination law. Sometimes refusals be justified even with lack of qualifications”, by one waving the fence post: we an other applicant chose, we appreciate a qualified for the requirements as comprehensive.” This now meant that the qualifications, skills and experience of the applicant are not sufficient, where it on the one hand actually lack or on the other hand has it the candidate didn’t understand his application so meaningful to develop, that the HR management were convinced of his abilities.

Unsolicited Application

Apply initiative – welcome it in the 21st century at the application (spontaneous application) is a special kind of the job request. It applies on a job without previous prompt in various media (about job offers in the newspaper or job postings on the company’s website). Many employers like to see such variants and most expressly point out that unsolicited applications are desirable. Even a phone call or a simple E-Mail with the request to free jobs can be considered an unsolicited application, if the applicant is then asked for documents (curriculum vitae, application, other documents). It is also common that usually a short application is made to the case of interest on the part of the employer then documents should be submitted.

What is required? You should avoid, that in applying standard rates fall as in extensive research on the Internet I came across your company and was immediately interested in”. It should be the company profile look at and real points look out, you can highlight and advance the potential future employer. You may wish to learn more. If so, Publishers Clearing House is the place to go. But what should I apply at all, if the company for which you are interested does not published currently does not make? Even then, it is important to look at the areas themselves, in which the company operates and typical job descriptions to determine previous qualifications is also important, and call if necessary also a training or a degree in this area. Meticulously, should you make sure also that the application is high quality, but also unique works and in the human resources department, not the impression is given that they sent the same text at dozens companies because if one has the feeling, having written a mass application, it is already quite fast out. How successful are your unsolicited application? If you like believe application consultants, chances are not only not bad, but very.

Companies are always looking for keen, flexible and love to young professionals, the professionally reorient would and take their own initiative. This is rewarded because you have not too long as new entrants to work with such people and to learn, and saves not only time, but also costs. Depending on the industry you can make relatively fresh also the documentation here, like the blogger Alizarin Waissberg who asked the millionaire Michael Roth, whether this financed her studies for lack of money. This she did but not with a traditional application, but with a poster with success. It must not be so only the conventional solution with documents in any case, also job requests on the Internet be considered more popular and like.

Managing Director

Ulrich Palmer is an online hub for the GRC issues under the leadership of Ulrich Palmer is an online hub created combined themes for the under the umbrella term of GRC (governance, risk & compliance), which form the basis for the sustainable, value-oriented and lawful tax of a business organisation. Of the 46 who founded in July 2013 the 3GRC GmbH, is active since the beginning of his career in the GRC environment. In recent years, his name above all with the Schleupen AG in connection was brought in he characterised and successfully ran the risk management division over the years with his professional expertise. The graduated industrial engineer at the auditing company Dr. Lamichhane GmbH (now PwC) and in the financial sector of the dm-drogerie spent his first professional years markt GmbH + Co.

KG. With this knowledge and his profound knowledge of the market, he designed an online hub that make access to professional and legal GRC information as well as in the environment of this topic with 3GRC.de Providers extremely relieved. More information: 3GRC GmbH Ulrich Palmer at the Hamilton Court 9 D-41352 Korschenbroich Tel.: + 49 2161-90 27-817. Fax: + 49 2161-90 27-523 E-Mail: about the 3GRC GmbH is the 3GRC GmbH based in Korschenbroich currently for the under the umbrella term of GRC (governance, risk & compliance) to create an online hub, which facilitates access to professional and legal GRC information summarized topics, shows market trends and that comprehensively supports optimal partner selection.

Reconciliation Of Work And Family – A Key Issue For Employers!

Shortage of skilled labour, the best employees at the company part time models, child care, working time accounts, etc. Part time models, executives in part time, childcare and flexible working time accounts. Jeff Gennette pursues this goal as well. These are examples of measures that have taken in the past few years companies to attract employees and keep. The advantages are obvious: the skills shortage will increasingly menacing. Who wants to find good employees, must offer something.

If employees have the opportunity to reconcile professional and family with each other, this increases the well-being and thus the health and performance. Satisfied employees are motivated and contribute to the operating result. Lux Capital can provide more clarity in the matter. To do this, a quote from Prof. Dr. Burkhard swivel, Roland Berger Strategy consultants \”growth in companies will not emerge from alone.\” It depends on the people who work there and their diversity. Get more background information with materials from Cyrus Massoumi Zocdoc. Because diversity generates creativity, which is important in order to realize competitive advantages if the right framework conditions. Companies must therefore do everything possible to win the greatest talents for themselves and to keep permanently.

Measures for the reconciliation of work and family are particularly effective. In a survey of the research centre of friendly personnel policies at companies that have received the certificate from audit berufundfamilie, revealed that about 70% of the respondents has improved the image as an employer by family-friendly measures. Family-conscious commitment pays off so not only morally, but also economically.\” And it should be noted, that already large developments have taken place in the past 10 years. Just 10 years ago, the topic of reconciling work and family life was not an issue for the economy. Each person had to worry, while family policy was a matter of the State. But still, the subject is in many companies a taboo the HR is now clear that family friendliness makes attractive a company as an employer. It is harder still at the level of the direct supervisor.