Winter Tires

Every experienced motorist knows that the time necessary to prepare for the winter period, or if you do not have time “pereobutsya” – expect trouble. With the advent of winter, nice and smooth asphalt somewhere is fast disappearing, but instead are drifts and slush. Your friend chetyrhkolesny amid all these changes began to behave, at least, strange. What to do? We had to change tires in advance – here is what to do. “Prepare sledge in the summer” – says a popular wisdom. It is this quote could not be better suited for the situation with winter tires, especially for owners of cars that are not always on time can buy winter tires.

The problem is that many cars, Tire size alone, and when it comes time to change the tire, then on the counter of their remains, because someone has already bought up everything. With some machines, you might find another, unpleasant situation. For some modern cars There is a certain amount of winter tire cover, due to their rarity and high demand to find them not so easy. Year after year, the manufacturer of winter tires are inventing new ways and better adhesion to the road wheels. However, not all motorists have time to watch the market of new products. Due to the annual invention of new tires, drivers have the opportunity to choose the best brand of tires that comply with all needs and has all necessary qualities.

All types of winter tires are divided into those that use spikes, and those that do not use. With studded tires, or as they say in another way, the safety of claws. The most anticipated new tire 2007-2008 season – this is Ultra Grip Extreme, which is manufactured by Goodyear. Tires in this series has long been known and had proved themselves as reliable and quality product. Tires in this series feature a unique mounting system spikes and design manufacturing. Incidentally, the spines reinforced anchor a special way. These tires ensure excellent grip and greatly increase braking distances, and in fact this is not unimportant factor. In addition to these qualities, tires that are so much expected now have another whole bunch of different qualities: a large center rib, which is perfectly fixed on the ice and snow. There were no new products in the Italian company Pirelli, which also presented its new development – Winter Carving Edge. This model also applies to buses to representatives of studded tires. Italian designers have created a magnificent model of a premium. This model, unlike previous versatile, designed specifically for driving on ice. This effect can achieve special rubber rings which are placed around each spike. The result of the use of such tires is a qualitative and secure grip while riding. All possible features are significantly better, ranging from the grip, ending the long stopping distance. Despite the high price, these tires compare favorably to their quality and durability.