Valencia, Spain announced the opening of our online shop today Monday January 31, 2011. This new store allows any user with access to the internet, buying jewellery and jewellery handmade by ourselves, composed mainly of Swarovski Crystal. This website has been created in order to survive in times of crisis, that after almost two years in strike, without benefits, without aid of any kind and no solution, seeing that everything is going worse each passing day, we decided to take action in some way, so this has been our choice, by being more economical and because it does not require a strong initial investment, (which obviously we cannot afford), without neglecting the attention to the customer or the quality of the product., says Juan Navarro and Bethlehem Banon quelepuedoregalar.com owners what we want is to give the consumer a topquality product, prepared by hand and totally customized to a very affordable and competitive price, so really obtain and buy what they want, not what you want to sell. The articles that we have, Swarovski, leather bracelets with trimmings, keychains etc, ring are unique jewels as elaborate one to one with the personal touch of the consumer, which makes them very exclusive products, very original gifts at a very low price. We also, want to feel well cared for and pampered since we pay a great attention to customer service, very devoted to them, something unusual in large companies and that we really can offer, since we spend 24 hours a day pending shop, the emails and not as the opinions of the users of the web, whether or not customers because that is the only way to be able to provide a service in conditions. We carry only four days online and we can already appreciate the enthusiasm of the / female clients who have visited us, of course we guarantee total satisfaction even after you have purchased, because there is only a way of maintaining customer, that is, treat them as us same We like that we are treated in the shops. We hope that the user experience is satisfactory and that visit us many times they want, they buy or not, being able to sign up to our newsletter, where you will receive before anyone, offers, discounts and rebates before that nobody, along with vouchers discount so that satisfaction is even greater. For more information or for a meeting please contact Juan Navarro by email at # original author and source of the article.