The International Advertising Festival

Thus, the Russian Guild of advertising photographers appeared recently – in 1996 year. It brings together the leading advertising and commercial photographer in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Nizhny Novgorod and other cities not only in Russia but also of the CIS. Guild Festival held annually advertising photography "Master". It should be noted that the popularity of this festival grows, and at the exhibition You can see the work of photographers from Italy, the Czech Republic and Latvia.

The creators of "Masters" claim that the purpose of the festival is to develop a certain standard of quality work of advertising photographers. Judging by the fact that the jury composed of experts is the advertising business, it really is. If you add that with the Guild work together almost all the leading advertising agencies, we can clearly trace the trend towards standardization of advertising photos. In addition to this exhibition, there is a nomination in various advertising competitions, such as MIAF – The International Advertising Festival, various international fotoyarmarok in St. Petersburg and Kiev, and, Of course, the international advertising competitions. Speaking of foreign countries – in Germany each year publish a collection of "top 200 global advertising photographers.

The name speaks for itself – each photographer selected the world's leading art director. Each candidate is approved by an international jury composed of professional photographers, editors and, of course, advertisers. Each photographer places a portfolio of 12 works and a detailed list contacts, which can be contacted. Circulation 20 000 copies diverges in the blink of an eye. No wonder that everyone who is engaged in advertising photography, dreams get in this yearbook. So what genre of photography tendered? A total of three nominations: it is the subject of the photo, interior or landscape and picture of the model (advertising the presence of any living creature, not necessarily human). In line with this construct and price range. From cheapest to most expensive. A simple still photos can cost U.S. $ 20, a complicated 100. Well, speaking about a model shoot, we must remember that a photographer is not restricted, and the costs must also add on the cost of renting premises for filming, stylists, model agencies and, of course, the model itself. Remuneration of the photographer also does not have a clear price list. The sum of the fee varies Depending on qualifications, experience and reputation. Matters as the complexity of the work performed and the level of the advertising agency.