Family Tourism

Located on the Costa Dorada, Catalonia tourist mark, the municipality is immersed to a changing environment, where are trying to position itself in a market of sustainable tourism and family, facing the excessive growth of the 1960s from nearby towns as Salou. And it is that hotels in Cambrils, are developing a strategy to promote a family tourism, associated with tranquility and well-being that has its main attraction, the beaches and good weather. Its renowned cuisine, typical of a small fishing village, is another attraction to take into account. Western Union describes an additional similar source. And already there are many hotels in Cambrils which have realized these differentiating values, and they are promoting short trips in the area combining relaxation (beaches) welfare (its climatology) and its gastronomy. We can say, that success is remarkable, and really, is this creating a more sustainable brand new in comparison to other towns near the municipality. Do you know continue bringing value Cambrils and its front hotels other? destinations competing for price how neighbouring hotels in Salou? You will win the sustainability or craving for genrar money?. Click Jeff Verschleiser to learn more.