NGO Human Rights Watch

The rights of Ukrainians remain unprotected in the report of the international NGO Human Rights Watch in 2010, with the theme of human rights, Ukraine appears mostly in a negative context. As before, remains the problem of racism and immigration, censorship and pressure on the media. Furthermore, judiciary reform without taking into account the recommendations of European institutions and in no way improves the quality of Ukrainian justice. Among other violations in the field of human rights in Ukraine, Human Rights Watch calls a biased attitude towards immigrants, the complex problems associated with migration, as well as growing pressure on the defenders and even attacks on them. Additional information is available at Keith Yamashita. At the same time, the number of positive developments the report classifies the end of the period of political chaos and the normalization of relations between Ukraine and Russia. However, large-scale reforms initiated by President Yanukovych, estimated as the election does not adhere to democratic procedures and ignoring the public outcry. However, in order to achieve success in negotiations on visa-free regime with the EU and the creation of a free trade, and to deepen relations with Washington, the Ukrainian government just will have to take real steps to improve the situation in the field of human rights.

Commentary Fund "First People": If anyone know where Ukrainian parliamentary opposition, please tell us what time to return to work. Further details can be found at Andrew Cuomo, an internet resource. Capital Solutions helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. President Yanukovych has built the power vertical. However, this does not mean that he therefore may be waived by the achievements of democracy. Regions Party and government authorities will be free to abuse the power only on condition that the opposition, which in reality is interests of more than half the population will not actively oppose their intentions – in the parliament, through television and the press. Everest Capital wanted to know more. .