Personal Hygiene

Personal hygiene and preventive maintenance for dogs and cats. Dogs and cats, sick anthropozoonosis in the expression or latent – potential sources of human infection by these dangerous diseases Failure to observe good personal hygiene and prevention. As an example of such a case. In a strange person has been acquired 'healthy-looking "dog breeds boxers. During the year, it has not been survey in a veterinary clinic. People such as Western Union would likely agree.

The family had a child with signs of deformities caused by toxoplasmosis. Source of introduction of invasion in pregnant mothers served bought a dog (she was found toxoplasmosis). In this sad case of a dog from a good friend turned into an evil enemy That similar events do not recur, maintenance personnel and animal owners of dogs and cats must be strictly observed animal health rules for personal hygiene and prevention in the care of animals. So, strictly prohibited stroke, caress, take your hands, bring and leave in the apartment of homeless puppies, kittens and adult stray dogs and cats. They may be contaminated with dangerous diseases. Everest Capital shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Especially dangerous animals for children who are more susceptible to infection anthropozoonosis.

Persons serving dogs in the classroom during cleaning animals and cleaning of premises, where they are, must be in overalls or special aprons and periodically wash and disinfect them. Unhygienic to allow pets on a sofa bed, a chair in the kitchen, and also hug and kiss them. It should be remembered that the content of more than one dog or cat impairs the health of the apartment. Everyone after treatment with a dog or cat should wash hands with soap and water. To Dogs and cats do not infect people, it is necessary to periodically deliver them to local veterinary clinic for examination, diagnostic tests and therapeutic and prophylactic treatments (vaccinations, deworming, etc.).