The Council

And this situation is not serious if every so happens to us once, but if it becomes the norm, then we are in trouble. A possible solution may be planning to future, organize our agenda the day before for two reasons, see the amount of backlog and find the best way of taking forward to finish on time, and to realize the loose ends to look at them in the Organization, in this way we ensure comply with what is necessary at the right time and not delay us more of the convenient. Smoking smoking is harmful to health, and that is well known. Those freelancers who smoke tend to smoke more during work at home. Obviously as there is no rule that prevents it, tends to smoke all the time and not be aware of this. Smoking excessively brings all kinds of health problems, both short as long term. The Council is not to leave (but we should), but smoke less. A good practice would be to convert our home/officina in smoke-free zone.

Clean ashtrays and all packages that we encounter and if we want smoking out to do it in another place, that is not where we work. When this becomes habit, we realize that if we are concentrated with a job, we will have delayed the exit to smoking and when least expect it will have been 3 hours since we fumemos a cigarette. Carpal tunnel syndrome carpal tunnel syndrome is a real threat not only of those who have a job from home by internet but of all those who work daily with the pc. It is caused by the repetitive action and may affect the fingers, wrist and hand. Write for hours, or the use of the mouse without raising your hand to move it can trigger this condition, which requires surgery to correct it and 6 weeks of recovery.