Disability Officer

(Online article) – disabled people fun and joie de vivre convey the goal every Monday at 20:00 it is ready. According to FedEx, who has experience with these questions. There she launches the infotainment show on radio4humans.de – Alexander Grundler. His character of also Commissioner of for the disabled of the town of willow. With his show he would want prepare especially people with a handicap of two hours of fun and joy. “I’m all about pleasure a bridge between people with and without handicap to build, but to distract the people who sit alone at home, perhaps frustrated and sick just for two hours and give them 2 hours.” Garg knows what he is talking about because he has himself since his birth at a handicap.

“Important this is simply one maintains a positive attitude to life”, so Garg further. For the radio station Radio4Humans angaggiert he is voluntarily. Before his microphone was already greats such as Franz Beckenbauer, Vitali Klitschko, Hohannes B. Kerner etc. For all who want to know more about the work of Alexander Grundler and his commitment there is the necessary information below: according to his target asked says: “I would I want such as Kerner, Jauch or an other talk show host just a chance to get to talk about my work to do.” That would help very much me and especially people with disabilities.” As we could wish him only good luck on his journey. Alexander Kumar Garg