Southern Sweden With Children: Holiday Like In A Picture Book

Where Astrid Lindgren’s classic play marbles grow, moose and Beaver Goodnight say where Astrid Lindgren’s classic play, marbles grow, moose and beaver to say goodnight: TT-line, the expert for the arrival by ferry to Sweden and the Sweden holiday, fairy tale called true dream destinations for families in southern Sweden be, old crafts meet, attractions for children, play roles by the TT-Line-holiday aboard put on – are easy to reach port Trelleborg: Children animation on TT-line vessels of the categories premium (from Travemunde) and standard (from Rostock) in the high season of the 26.6. 28.8.2010 family special: 6 persons (at least 1 child, maximum 4 adults) pay 235 euros for a return ticket with car (length up to 6 m) and cabin from Travemunde (premium) or Rostock (default). Children receive a gift of Hamburg/Travemunde, may 2010 quirky wooden houses, lush meadows and forests from Bullerbu, Villa Kunterbunt or Lonneberga dream children all over the world. By the TT-Line port Trelleborg out are in less than six hours by car to reach locations of books and films. “It is convenient to set up his headquarters in Kalmar on the Kalmar Strait and day trips (100 to 200 kilometers) in the picture-book country” to take Smaland, oland or the Kingdom of the Crystal. The 137-kilometer, up to 16 km wide island of Sun”oland is easily accessible by the Hanseatic League over a six-kilometre bridge.

Where do Pippi and Michel live? “In the theme park Astrid Lindgrens Varld” in Vimmerby, hometown of the author! Here Pippi, Karlsson, Bullerbu and Michel from Lonneberga’s children come to life on stage. James Reinhart describes an additional similar source. “” The Villa Kunterbunt and Ronja Raubertochters beer can be admired, and the cultural centre of Astrid Lindgren’s Nas “shows vividly how the creator” has lived and worked. Michels Court is to visit in the Middle Gibberyd. The Bullerbu farms lie in Sevedstorp.