Roman Empire Cryptography

People constantly have some information they want to give it to someone but do not want the entire world is aware of such information and of possible difficulties that may occur with the delivery of information and that may lead others to which different receive should be aware of such information, people have devised ways to make that information can not be known but by the person who should receive and one of the surest means to exchange information securely and is cryptography different media that accompany them, and with cryptography has a great safety information and can only be read by the person to whom the message is addressed. Cryptography so the information can give an appearance that is unintelligible to anyone and that only the person to whom information is addressed has the ability to understand the meaning of the message sent to cryptography. Speaking in a more technical and specified, would be an art or science to encrypt and decrypt information using different techniques that allow the exchange of messages is more secure because the information that has been the subject of cryptography in the aspect of coding, can only be decrypted by person to whom the message is addressed, so it would make writing cryptography manea hidden by the sender and then understand such writing thanks to certain knowledge by the recipient. Having some knowledge about what is cryptography, is of great importance to clarify that the term can be included in a larger concept that includes everything related to cryptography and encryption and decryption processes and cryptology, which relates both to the cryptography and cryptanalysis, a term that refers to the different methods of breaking ciphers in the absence of keys to the information found in the messages. As mentioned above for cryptography is a method to deliver vital information and safe, and this was kind of thinking was the birth of this art, as in earlier times when there are wars between various peoples, the information was of great importance in the development of military campaigns and constant mind would send information to distant locations, so a messenger was sent and not run the risk that the enemy obtained information to intercept the messenger, the messages were encrypted and impossible to decrypt the information. The trend is to make use of cryptography was widely used in companies representing the past, like the Roman Empire, the ancient Greeks, which made extensive development of cryptography and the art grew and improved over time. But it would be in Germany with the presence of the second world war which would further development of cryptography to the importance that the information in the development of this great military confrontation.