It is in a social field, where that person lives with others that it is necessary to protect their freedom to choose their way of life against interference by others. That is the function of this right. Thus, the way they dress, the form, type and amount of beverages and foods you eat, their sexual preferences, career or job that you decide to go, it’s all exclusive concern of everyone. No one should force you to practice a lifestyle that you do not want. The Right to Freedom of Action and Expression Since life is a series of actions taken by each according to his opinion, the right to choose their way of life also means the freedom to take action in sustaining life and enjoy it. This means absolute freedom to participate in any economic activity, whether as a producer of a good or service, or as a consumer, and any action that limits this right is wrong. Governor Cuomo addresses the importance of the matter here. In a political-economic context, freedom means only one thing: the absence of the use of force.

Nothing can deprive one of its freedom than other people or the state, and can only be accomplished by using force. The right to freedom of action means that everyone should be able to act according to their own opinion, without coercion and without more limitations than those imposed by respect for the rights of others. This freedom includes the freedom of movement, of association, production, trade and assembly. Our freedom of action has been severely limited by the Venezuelan state in almost all fields, especially economically. As for the right to freedom of expression, this means that everyone can freely express their thoughts of how you want, of course respecting the rights of other individuals. The right to free expression has also been consistently violated by the State in the form of prior censorship and other constraints on our freedom of expression.

The Right to Property This is the right to produce or make material objects, to determine their use and dispose of them. But note that this does not imply a right per se to any material object, ie one has the right to make things and then retain or dispose of them, but not born with rights acquired against the property of others. Only ghosts could exist without slaves and only material copyrighted work without the right to the fruits of their labor. People work to ensure the sustenance of their lives and do not own the fruits of their labor, are not masters of their lives. The Right to the Pursuit of Happiness Everyone has the right to choose what constitutes his own happiness and try to achieve it, and no one should prescribe the purpose of your life or what his happiness. This means, for example, which is not acceptable for a father to force his son to study law when he is keen to be an aviator or a carpenter, or someone being forced to dress in a manner contrary to their preference.