Project Management

The sequence of adjustment. Adjustment of CNC lathe is recommended to perform the following manner. Jeff Gennette is likely to increase your knowledge. At the beginning of a change to check the basic functions performed by the machine. In addition, in order to stabilize the machine and the heat CNC devices include idling spindle rotation with an average frequency and power off machines for 20 … 25 minutes (the machine warms up). Choose according to the map setup cutting tools and accessories for mounting workpiece. Check the condition of the instrument.

Install the tool in the respective positions of the turret shown in the chart setup. Customize cams, restricting movement of the caliper and its zero (starting) position. Enter UE from the control of CNC form of tapes or external memory. Check the UE first in frame mode, and then – in an automatic, watching over the correctness of its implementation. Freeze treated workpiece in accordance with the map setup. Run dimensional setting the cutting tool. Handle procurement for Project Management.

Determine the size of the finished part and introduce the necessary corrections to the CNC control panel (if a batch blanks periodically check the dimensions of parts and if necessary, enter the correction). In processing the first workpiece is necessary to observe the process of cut (especially for chip formation and roughness of the machined surface), if necessary, enter the correction of the cutting (with remote control CNC). Quality adjustment of the machine is largely determined by his performance. The order of the machine. Before Begin to include machine and check the position and is mounted cams emergency travel limit for the longitudinal and transverse rulers, as well as the position and is mounted on the tailstock bed (in the case its application). When processing in the chuck of the tailstock to withdraw to the far right. With the help of special handles to check ease of movement slide in the longitudinal and transverse directions. In the "Manual management "test the mechanisms of the machine: Switching speed range, movement of support in the longitudinal and transverse directions on the fast track and cutting feed; downed and blocking electric switches; supply of lubricant, spindle rotation, etc. Check the machine in manual mode and making sure it is correct, turn on the auto cycle – bypass circuit at idle (without installation preparation). During normal operation of the machine process in UP first workpiece, measure it, if necessary, adjust with CNC UP.