Park, Sleep & Fly

Smart entrepreneurs have found in airport parking and hotels their market niche. With complete packages for sleeping, parking and flying, they offer many travelers a huge advantage because you will, even with very early departures and the far distance to the airport relaxed unable to get to the plane … Because of the many bargain deals air flight is becoming more popular and competition among the always larger airport. Because it is not so long ago that everyone who lives in the catchment area of the airport’s really only then in the holiday starts. Flights, fly prices and Co.

make it possible and so the clever Globetrotter looks of today also like to have offers for a 200 km away Airport. Then it is clear that a check be carried by train or car, must, for friendship or taxi services account for at such distances from the outset mostly already. What do you do when you are at the point of departure, not at all familiar, and thus leave his car only runs on the expensive airport parking, which results in savings to the fare with departure from home is eaten up quickly? Or, due to very night flight to arrive by train and by car no longer is quite stressful, because you take the middle of the night by the Republic to do? Also, the Munich-based company here has identified its niche for itself and provides online airport parking and hotels. Through the so-called Park, Sleep & Fly offers the customer a complete all-round package, which includes one night at airport hotels usually include breakfast and for up to a family of four, airport parking and transfers between hotel and terminal. The customer can conveniently arrive on the eve of the eve-use check-in and the next day rested and relaxed travel on vacation. A comparison with the official airport worth it, because often provides the online broker of bargains and specials, which are far below the rates of the airport authorities. The customer then obtained for less money a lot more rest and relaxation!