Operation Successor

Interview Director of the Association of Entrepreneurs wise cis Vladimir Kuropjatnik magazine "Victory Club" (St. Petersburg). Operation "Successor" – in which case and what the business owner must start to find a successor? If you business owner and operate it themselves, the successor to be sought in any case, if you are, of course, not a masochist. "Position" of the founder will remain behind you, and ceo is better to put someone else's. The Director will take themselves operational issues, and the founder must be hands free from routine, otherwise it will not founder, not to those who looks forward, and the duty problem-solvers for their company. – How to prepare a successor to search for it on side, inside the company or among your children? – What are the pros and cons can be at each of these options? The key issue here – what do you want to do with the company? If you stay by its founder, then you need to find a competent and loyal to your manager that you have submitted to management. It happens that inside the company there are none. Then you have to look on the side.

Go to your child must meet the same requirements, and general manager of choice from the point of maximum benefit to the company. A common misconception – the whole thing in succession. In fact, if the company is not ready for the transfer of control, even a genius as the director you do not like.