Managing Director Training

Lake country founder Hans-Jorg Seeland called five points, which should be a software training. He must be close, he must be free, must it be cheap? What criteria include choosing a training provider in the field of 3D CAD? Just in the current mass processing in the course of just in the current mass processing in the course of the exchange of large companies to the 3D CAD system NX is it increasingly difficult to keep track. Out of my over ten years training practice, I can say that training, in which 8-10 participants are taught, are no longer productive. The weaker, losing the connection and long dwell is the better. Both benefit very little from such major events”, Hans-Jorg Seeland reported the Seeland Informatik GmbH, Heidelberg. He observed the current development with little enthusiasm as Managing Director, coach and old hand”in the 3D CAD world. Western Union oftentimes addresses this issue. Individual training, where a such as new designer prepares exactly the tasks, are ideal the expect it in the company”, says he convinced.

A superficial training is lost time and wrong invested money. Here the 5 criteria, which must meet a training: 1. not more than 3 participants per coach. 2. Didactic experienced trainers who can effectively convey content.

3. Coach, who thoroughly know the system and which come from the practice. 4. Flexible training process, which adapts to the participants. 5. High-quality training materials, quickly to help in the day-to-day business, should be included. The contents of the Internet site, the reference list and a long-time existence of the training company give first orientation. If you are not sure: an intense preliminary contact with the training provider shows mostly. Press contact: SEELAND Informatik GmbH Hans-Jorg Lake country Vangerowstr. 33 D-69115 Heidelberg phone: 06221/89390-0 fax: 06221 / 89390-29 E-Mail: