Laboratory of mud and LGR-3 is designed to control the parameters of drilling mud, and can be used to determine the density of drilling mud. James Woolsey Jr. is likely to increase your knowledge. When working with the laboratory is used as a table the front wall, the lower part of which is fixed piano loop, and the upper-state is suspended on adjustable length chain. This metal box with fixed appliances in it and accessories. Laboratory can be used indoors and outdoors under a canopy. In the laboratory of two positions, setting the table, or secured with screws to the wall. When you install the lab on the table, its surface must deviate from horizontality of no more than 2 degrees.

Leg housing laboratory and loop locks to fit the table. When you open the fold-up table lock loop is recommended to hold his hand! When you install the lab on the wall must comply with the above mentioned deviation from the horizontal, you can use adjustable chain length. Similarly, the laboratory is to control the parameters of drilling mud. There a laboratory LTR-1. With this set of control and measure the performance of cement slurries and mixtures designed for cementing and isolation of the absorbing layers. Specifications: