Labor Relations

All of us sooner or later find ourselves in the role of an employee of an enterprise. Coming to a new team, we dream of succeeding in the new company, career development, decent wages, we hope to become an indispensable employee, and often the "right" hand the head, and then podnatorev, gain experience and learning from the mistakes that may establish and own business. Well, in these dreams there is nothing wrong with that. On the contrary, they encourage people to work on themselves, improve themselves in achieving their goals. Often only all our hopes begin to fall apart very quickly when we see ourselves in relation to the employer continuous injustice, his reluctance we go to meet our requests, we hear reproaches that can not work and are unworthy of even the money that we paid. And one day, there comes a time and we are invited "on the carpet" and asked to write a statement "on own, "although we have tried to faithfully execute all responsibilities entrusted to us, and part prihvatyvaya still others remained after work and sometimes not spared and the weekend, if only to please his superiors, but would not lose work.

How to protect yourself from unscrupulous employers? What are the main errors in the employment relationship, we assume? How to fix them? And can we learn to protect their labor rights? Error One. Wrong selection of a new jobs. Let's start from the beginning. You're still in the process of finding, driving to an interview and choose a future place of work and his new employer.