Genius Forgot His Own Name –

Even famous people can be very forgetful “superwomen: 14 books on a CD-ROM” revealed by Ernst Probst Wiesbaden curiosities about Super women – a name or a phone number not arriving sometimes not only normal citizens, this can happen even a genius. The most important geneticist of the world, Nobel Laureate for medicine from 1983, the American scientist Barbara McClintock (1902-1992), forgot even their own name as a student. With a degree in their favorite subject geology solved it quickly all questions, but when she wanted to write her name on the blue exercise booklet, she could no longer remember. Because she wanted to not embarrass himself, no one asked her, her name and was always nervous before after about 20 minutes, yet her name was her. This reveals the CD-ROM “superwomen: 14 books on CD-ROM” (ISBN 3-935718-82-9) of the Wiesbaden author Ernst Probst.

Barbara McClintock managed only to the Nobel Prize at the age of more than 80 a Phone on. She argued, who wanted to talk to her, you should write. Until shortly before her death she worked up to twelve hours a day seven days a week in their research lab. Also the ingenious beautician Helena Rubinstein (1870-1965) was very forgetful. She couldn’t remember any names and talked so about fellow human beings often waiver on their family name. Instead, she spoke of “the man, the woman died” or “the one who always comes with the screen”. The short biography of Helene Rubinstein is also on the Super women “-CD-ROM to read.” Even men can be very distracted and forgetful, is the biography of Eleanor Roosevelt (1884-1962), the first Chairman of the Commission of the “United Nations’ (UN) human rights and wife of the 32nd U.S.

President Franklin Delano Roosevelt (1882-1945). In one of the rare walks with her father and his dogs, the father went on the road in his club and Eleanor said she should wait for him. By sechs(!) Hours was the gatekeeper of the Club and brought home Eleanor and the dogs. The girl forgave this unpleasant incident of the father. “Orders of CD-ROM Super Frauen: 14 books on a CD-ROM” only: Amazon infos about the CD-ROM Super Frauen: 14 books on a CD-ROM “: CD-ROM Super Frauen: 14 books on a CD-ROM” by Ernst Probst introduces hundreds of famous women in words and images to more than 2200 pages. The disc contains the 14 tracks of the paperback series Super women”. Compared with the printed edition, the electronic version is much cheaper! The biographies of women come from the fields of history, religion, politics, economy and transport, science, medicine, film and theatre, literature, painting and photography, music and dance, feminism and family, sports, fashion and cosmetics as well as media and astrology. The texts and sometimes colored images in PDF format on the enclosed CD-ROM are readable on any PC or Mac. Who is on the road with your laptop, has, thanks to the CD-ROM Super Frauen”on plenty reading. The texts are easy to read, because the strong font magnified be represented can. Certain terms in the text can be found quickly in the search mask. All articles can be printed out as often.