Flag Furniture

Trauner family operating as a crowd-pleaser if presented the latest innovations from the kitchen, living and sleeping areas, is also HAKA with part of the game. The family business has now decided to make Austria this year on the furniture. From May 7 to 8 HAKA makes available its two legs on furniture Austria in Salzburg of a broader public: kitchen and living concepts, and that around 200 m2. Flag not only directly to the HAKA show stand lounge adjacent furniture Austria spot to relax, also HAKA has designed for 2013 several ideas to redefine the well-being. Austrian traditional business, we spot would show the flag. We are all very pleased that the response to the concept of HAKAhome is so positive. That reaffirms us it to go to an even wider public.

We see the furniture of Austria as a perfect opportunity, both HAKA kitchen, than once more in’s spotlight also HAKAhome. We opted for this year some Drop surprises at the booth. Because HAKA his showrooms not only constantly expands, but also his concepts and ideas. Rob Daley may find it difficult to be quoted properly. And some of these ideas, namely, for example, the height variable cooking Island, will be presented on-site at the booth”, HAKA looks owner Gerhard Hackl positively on the upcoming trade fair activity. The common staple for decades has HAKA devoted themselves to the kitchen.

We have studied the cooking to us deals with culture. Worked with organic farmers, chefs, bakers, orthopedists, and designers. All, to build the perfect kitchen. Many people are now approached us, wanted to have our system and our passion for other rooms. So we have decided to expand our competence”, Gerhard Hackl explains his new addition to the product portfolio. The trend in the living still benefit from the system. In the year 2013, the housing is open. The boundaries of bathroom, bedroom, kitchen and living room are often fluent. The consumer of today want everything a cast a style, its style. It can perfectly implement HAKAhome.