Finding Companies

Many we want to realise a reform in the kitchen, the bath, or of the whole floor. But those are few that know clearly which is going to be the company or the professional who is in charge of everything. There are many factors to consider and often we do not know what our reform nor we ourself need. It is hour of which apart from which they give a budget you, they advise to you well and of objective form. But, Who? It is very common to choose to ask advice and opinion relatives and friendly, and still more common to receive answers of the type: ” that they did it to me but I did not like nada” , or ” they are chapuzas”. Often already we have realised some work with a company but we do not want to repeat.

The reasons can be several: price, quality, treatment, finished Arrived at this point it is necessary to look for solutions of some form. The yellow pages or other traditional guides are an option, but they have a problem: we go completely without information. Any company that pays can aprecer there, it is good or no. We abrimos the page and we see hundreds of names and telephone numbers. Some announcements within squared with pretty images and catchphrases, but that does not indicate quality to us, but simply that company this paying an extra money to a designer for the logo and to the guide to leave outstanding form.

Here it is where Internet enters: it gives the same possibilities us that the guides mentioned but with a great advantage: we can find valuations and opinions of old clients, along with cards of works carried out with photos and explanations. The disinterested information is the one that agrees to us of all all. People who write about a company after carrying out a work, and that we only can find in the network. Of this form, Internet is without a doubt an option to consider at the time of looking for professionals and companies for our reform. In addition we can sail, value and inquire before taking the definitive step and choosing the suitable company of reforms. An example of it is, a Web dedicated to the island of Majorca, in that we sent a form with our work idea or reform, and they put to us in contact with 3 companies of quality and that adjust to our project. These companies will give their budgets free us and we will be able to compare and to choose the one that but agrees to us. Without a doubt it can be a luxury that selects the best companies for you, are they who put themselves in contact with you, and they give his budgets free you. And in addition without moving of house.