Father Emiliano Tardif

Shabelle said: Do not worry, I think like you, but there is a saying that corrupt rotten apple to the other, that does not mean I’m away or discriminated against such people, but what I was looking for something more spiritual, fill my expectations and I found in the Gospel, not in religion, because Christ is not religion. I love my Lord, I love God and follow it for life. Thanks for your advice, but I have yet many unknowns, that I know that you know make it clear to me. A big hug and a kiss for your wife. ANSWER We are not apples, apples do not think and have free will, is why it is spread by the rotting leaves. We can decide to accept and not accept.

I do not know who you might have said that Jesus Christ is religion. I’m sending an attachment, which can help you understand a little what the term “religion” save it to your PC. And read it little by little, from time to time. I want to briefly tell you a testimony of faith that was in me. When we started to participate in the parish with my wife, we join the prayer group. In this group lend books to read.

Got my hands on a book called “Jesus is alive,” written by Father Emiliano Tardif, Canadian parent based in the Dominican Republic (God rest his soul) had their experiences of pastoral work and was healed by Jesus as an evil that ailed. As I immersed myself in reading, a night in which he was about to finish reading the book, I felt in my mouth the taste of the host, and you read it, the taste of the host as if I had it in my mouth; excited me a lot, and calm, I realized that was the same living Jesus, who came to stay with me, in me and forever. I think one thing to follow someone, and another is that someone is inside you and control your life. From that day Jesus is with me wherever I am, He took me to school to further deepen their knowledge, and to give an account of my faith more accurately. You have absolutely right differences Gospel of religion. One thing is the Gospel (Good News) another thing is religion, and above all: Jesus is Jesus. But let me tell you something very true, everything is related, Jesus Christ is the Center where all concepts revolve. I recommend something, is good and excellent (as happens to me), you’ve got God in your heart, but if I look at everything, do not stand alone in this, because God wants us to know more, the us did so, and it is not vanity, not to want to be like him, (because they may misunderstand the intent). Let’s look at all How does God want us to relate to others, with others (next)? Well not bore you again, and thanks for the confidence to ask me to continue clearing your doubts, I am always willing to explain everything you want to know with much love and humility.