Director General Shops

The company "Alt-Company" for over 7 years of experience in commercial real estate market. Feature of a customer orientation, as we learn from an interview with the Director General, Gavrilov Felix Medvedev. – Felix A., what feature of modern commercial real estate market? Which segments are developing most actively? – To date, commercial real estate market is quite stable. Prices slightly increasing, but this is a normal situation. The biggest demand is the format of "Street-Retail" – the basement and built-in and attached premises with easy access for visitors and good visibility. Great interest in the cause tenants and office space up to 500 square meters. Also of note is a reduction of free trade areas for catering – restaurants, cafes and eateries.

Exactly These three areas are developing most actively. – The city is less expensive shops, barber shops, repair shops for clothes and shoes. Are replaced by expensive shopping malls and beauty salons that are not for everyone afford. Is the situation such high rents? What strategy on this issue adheres to your company? – There is no doubt that infrastructure development plays an important role value rental rate. In First of all, high rates hit the small and medium businesses. Suffer from it themselves as entrepreneurs and potential consumers of their goods and services – ordinary working citizens and low-income category population. "Alt-Company" is always going to meet the tenants, whose activity is not entirely commercial. This children's and charitable organizations, hair salons with preferential rates for pensioners small businesses, giving local people jobs.