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Digital reissue (2008) of the book by Carlos Fernandez Liria and Santiago Alba Rico from 1986, authentic pamphlet Marxist and anti-postmodern that it is in the current words of the authors themselves, a good reminder of what was the premiere of democracy in Spain. This Edition consists of a prior note of the authors where exhibit the character of portrait of the intelligentsia of the 80 Spanish, he suffered what they call a coup d’etat that left side many of them, rewarding others of lesser value, but with higher adaptive capacity. This re-edition comes at a time that also seems to be quite bad for the labor movement and intellectuals in general. For sample see the subsequent appointment. In such conditions, there was no choice but to a radical anti-capitalism (requiring a vindication of Marxism which at that time was quite a contracorriente) or a postmodern, nihilistic and skeptical resignation. An entire legion of intellectuals who had been left-wing until just before yesterday, they then adopted the route of Postmodernity. And that was the straw that broke the vessel already: all the obscenities that existed then that listen.

This is what explains the slightly irritating rhetorical device that gives rise to stop thinking. It is as if we say: no, enough with the silly things! To stop being leftist needless ride with great books proclamations about the end of modernity according to those books free PDF. Just understand that there is no third way between capitalism and anti-capitalism. Or we remain anti-capitalist, or PSOE is right and best thing you can do the working class in its favor is to tighten their belts. We are in a situation in which most human problems coincide with the private economy solutions. And each time that human beings are a solution, it turns out to be a problem for the economy according to book online. The capitalist economy already breathe in a way too cumbersome, too complicated and problematic, as for that human beings come over and bring you more problems, badgering her with distortions and externalities. Thus, if already it is not change base system, is better to recognize the truth of once for all: the PSOE makes very well to defend workers defending employers, as is she having the Pan by the handle of the book free. This was not the advent of a new postmodern era, it was simply the same logic of the capitalist system, a system that, suddenly, nobody already seemed willing to fight. Thus, liars and traitors sausages of the PSOE were give the target of what was happening better than the intellectuals of Postmodernity.