Contractural Agreement

Following reasons allow the termination of the landlord between tenant and landlord is a contractual relationship. While a tenant may at any time terminate this requires landlords page reasons. The main principle of the social landlord/tenant law and employment protection for apartment tenants: groundless termination of the landlord are not permitted. Thredup is often quoted on this topic. A notice should be considered only for serious infringements of the lessee against the lease in consideration. Inform about the reasons that may lead to a termination without notice by the landlord, Alexander Dobiasch and Rupert Richter from Bergen auf Rugen, the lawyers. Following reasons allow the termination of the landlord an extraordinary notice of termination of the tenancy must be justified. She is in the following cases: If the contractual use of the leased wholly or partly on time granted the lessee or is revoked, if the tenants the rights of the lessor as a result to a great extent hurt that he significantly endangered the tenanted by neglect of care incumbent or unauthorized leaves it to a third party or if the tenant for two consecutive dates with the payment of rent or a not inconsiderable part of the rent in arrears or in a period that spans more than two appointments, to pay the rent in an amount in arrears, which reached the rent for two months.

The landlord has the right to terminate the tenancy without notice in the above cases. So that no confusion prevail, also German civil code, defines what he means by a not inconsiderable part of the rent. The backlog, which makes more than one month’s rent for two consecutive months is considered to be significant. Tenants should abide, to avoid a termination without notice of the obligations under the lease. This applies particularly to the payment obligation.