Consumer Rights

For its calculation is not required to track receipt of proceeds. Nevertheless, the duty buy and maintain cash register machines for such companies remains. Finance Ministry objects to change this outdated and patently absurd rules, under pressure from his twice rejected such legislation. "And so, when on June 7 this year at a meeting of the Council on Competitiveness, Prime Minister Fradkov has demonstrated a willingness to forced solution in this area it is time to consider the issues in detail – why amendment is not accepted? To whom and how to affect change in the legislation, if approved amendments? Will the abolition of cash registers of small businesses in real life? According to the Center of the independent rights protection consumers, this provision in practice will lead to chaos, especially in the consumer market. The only document confirming the purchase of many products available today – check, actually which is a contract of sale.

And its absence can lead to unpredictable consequences. Against the amendment act tax, the Treasury Department and human rights activists, claiming that private entrepreneurs lose their discipline on the control of sellers and consumers in the absence of a check will not be able to prove their rights if they sold defective merchandise. Daily at the Center of the independent consumer protection are traded citizens to assist in protecting those rights. In accordance with the Law on Protection of Consumers' Rights, in connection with the acquisition of goods of inadequate quality and detection of defects of the work (Service).