Consumer Credit

Unemployed women believed cheats and took the four banks in consumer credit. She bring your real passport and a fake certificate of stable income, which was certified company's seal. Obtained in the banks money she gave to her, "rabotodatelnitse", which took their money and disappeared without a trace. Deceived unemployed prosecuted for fraud and sentenced to five years deprivation of liberty, truth, on probation for two years. Organizer of the crime still remains at large. Episode 2 police officers had been unmasked 43-year-old fraud, which is recruited to the role of ordinary borrowers Liquor. Zloumyshlennitsa had official status of director of the company, which, however, no commercial activity is not conducted, so this unfortunate "business woman", to somehow make ends meet, traded on the glove market.

There she found a few heavy drinkers simpletons who agreed to take her for a loan to "buy computers". For this lady has written to them information that they are supposedly working on her company and get it good salary. On every such operation, it had 30 000 – 50 000 rubles, and the drunkard, who entered into loan agreements with banks, gave out of this amount, 500 – 1000 rubles, and sometimes even paying a drink and snack. The woman knew that sooner or later the banks will start to make a complaint to the frontman borrowers, but when it comes to the militia, peasants will point to her as the organizer of the crime. Therefore, as soon as the smell of fried, she prepared to move to another city, but had no time and sat in the dock with his "decoy ducks".