Competitive Work

I wonder that I want to say with that of competitive and cooperative with regard to network marketing, here I give you some differences of concepts to illustrate you towards where I want to reach. Competitive vs. Cooperative competitive in simple terms it is make some better shape than others and get some credit for that reason, be cooperative is participate together to get the credit for what we want to achieve. Speaking on commercial terms, competitive negotiation refers to that each negotiating party seeks to get more advantages with respect to its counter part, i.e. that each one negotiates for their own interests trying to cede as little as possible.

Cooperative bargaining, by contrast, is what makes thinking about a common benefit, seeking a more superior result, without sacrificing options for each negotiating party. It is bargaining is largely based on the collaboration between the parties, in order to obtain a third benefit in common. The cooperative MLM network marketing or network marketing, is itself activity purely cooperative, since all its members are related to gain benefit in common, indirectly with the other is help you meet your goals, we know that teamwork is a mainstay for growth in activity is and sharing and duplicating techniques and methods of the MLM which we participate, help you get better results. Particularly think that network marketing businesses are more an example of cooperative work than competitive, the group is joined by a common good, for the achievement of its goals, which also includes support to others because each who knows perfectly that duplication mutual support are two major points for success. For the marketing of networks, competitiveness is based on membership, but not for the development of the activity from the point of view of the team, is to say that the cooperative work between the members of your group, and the competitive will be directly on your ability to do things in the best possible way to highlight within the business to which you belong. As Robert Kiyosaki has said in some interview that made him: the magic of network marketing is that we have many (employees) working for us, and in turn each have many other working for them, and everything within a cooperative framework. Both be competitive as cooperative are important and complementary; do not confuse you into thinking that one is better than the other, nor is it what I wanted to say in this article; I try simply illustrate the differences that there are and as the marketing of networks is from my point of view a more cooperative work-oriented. Considers develop both aspects in your MLM business, thus helping with your group and with your own entrepreneurial development. If you want to see in multilevel I development, click on the link below.