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In today's world there is no developed country that has not had its own program for the development of sport. It is understandable. Sport – it's not just Olympic medals and increased the prestige of the state, but also the health of the nation. There are many components necessary for the development of sport in any country, and one of the most important "component" is a broad provision of population with the necessary infrastructure. If we analyze the most successful in the sport against the state, we see a direct relationship of their achievements on the availability of "Temple of Health. The battle for the podium all the recent years the main opening of the Olympics is China. China's squad for the first time debuted at the top games of the planet in 1952, simultaneously with the ussr.

Then the Chinese failed to win any medals. Then, for political reasons, China has 30 years in the Olympics did not participate. And since the late 80's – early 90's begins a new era – an era of big sport in China. This is not an accident but the result of long-term public policy. According to the Chinese agency Xinhua, to prepare an Olympian in recent years this country spends about 1.8 million dollars. This includes the cost of maintaining the sports facilities, meals, equipment, scientific and medical support, organizing the collection, participation in competitions, salaries of coaches and much more. Yet the main reason why China was to achieve record results are not so much the cost of individual athletes, as the massive community involvement in sports.