Change Management

Life is a dynamic situation. And, although everything worked well, a person changes in appearance, a family gets bigger, the landscape is changed, a company also is never outside the dynamism of life, and then changes. But before the changes can not be controlled and that the company faced with uncertainty, both managers and entrepreneurs begin to worry. It is a natural, logical one might even say that human beings feel anxiety about the unknown. But the unknown is always wrong? Are decisions made according to the experience is always the best? And then there is the dichotomy between the decision to maintain a status quo of peace and serenity or make the best decision while carrying on a new experience, a little explored field. No doubt it is best to make the best decisions for the company, but he must be prepared for change. A good first step is to not focus on the idea of "unable" to focus on desired results and the things I can do to achieve them. Just as a person gradually adapting to the new image that is returning the mirror, the company has to assimilate the changes gradually, be accepting the new ways of thinking of those involved in the issue, and reap the benefits of the difference rather than fight.

Many times, when looking at a painting in a gallery not understand what the author wanted to represent. However, running to the side or take a step backwards, ie, changing the observer's point of view, we see the reality represented. Similarly, change talks in meetings entrepreneurs, change the observer, the discussions that address the impossibilities of the company are those that the hamper and keep it tied to the problem, focusing on ideas such as "the solution is very difficult," "do not know" or "we can not do it" and this will be so to the extent they are seeking to address the problems always the same. In addition, positive discussions on what can be put forward a new learning that leads to new areas and frontiers of knowledge, and this is what provides the ability to think differently, act with this new way of thinking, and reaching the necessary solution. Keep in mind that the cycle of problems – solutions are repeated because the life and business are dynamic, it will help keep things in perspective of what Einstein postulated the point that would be crazy to believe that different results will be achieved by always same.