Cars Sport

In a world full of passion for adrenaline and extreme things we delve into a hobby that increasingly stands out more and more today; sports cars. These are powerful machines that thanks to its weight obtained by its construction in carbon fiber with alloy on aluminium and its internal power, can easily develop a speed of 0 to 100 km / h in 3.7 seconds reaching its top speed of 255 miles per hour in just 18 seconds. Sports cars are given this name, since its construction is based on achieved aerodynamic designs to achieve great speed and thus participate in sporting events of great mechanical requirement. The development of sports cars began in 1947 where sports cars in races were observed for the first in formula one, from there large exponents sports car brands today such as BMW, FERRARI, MERCEDES, PORSCHE, ASTON MARTIN, JAGUAR, LEXUS, HONDA and NISSAN began his research on the mechanical issue. All these vehicular marks thanks to its mechanical and aerodynamic research, have allowed that nearly all automobiles in the world, although they are not sports have some improvements both in the internal performance of the engine and fuel mass savings. Sports cars have become object of many hobbies, not only is the taste for speed but also the admiration that these arouse among people by its great mechanical design and their extremely fine and striking designs at the same time, but also by its harmony to take them behind the wheel; There are even people engaged in collecting them by only their economic value and its designs, which many times are limited or manufactured by custom.

Today sports cars have different divisions; the most known is formula one, in which sports cars are used in competitive mode, these have substantially large differences starting because they are not open to the public in general, also designs are not so much as well for the visual pleasure, but to achieve extreme performance in speed and engine performance concept, although they are very susceptible to shocks; design of sports cars are based on aerodynamics and the extreme performance of motor without comment the purpose of gradually increasing engineering in each piece to improve the quality and strength of the parts of the same and its harmonious operation in situations of demand that would normally not be made available. Another major division of sports cars is the Nascar, where the manufacture of the same is not based both in speed but in environmental factors such as heat, moisture and dust resistance; not to mention engineering efforts to improve parts especially as suspensions, chassis and parts more exposed to severe shocks. All this based course at speed and the good mechanical performance part by part in every sporting event. In the world of sports cars the price is an important factor that the quality varies depending on its value; each sports car built by custom built according to the invested capital since the materials are very different as well as their prices; If we talk about the cost of a sports car, can oscillate between 40.950 euros as the Nissan is 350z and the enzo Ferrari that costs 722.260 euros (base price) their cost increases according to the materials on which to build. Original author and source of the article