Carabobo Management

Have you noticed a large gap of educational management in authorities and all those responsible for the guarantee of academic excellence, giving way to today in the region there are many private universities, technical institutes that do not meet the requirements that the environment needs to go forward from the moment that began appearing other institutions, is when the management educational University should have him give way to strategies, actions, plans that encouraged him in his projection, rescataran lost spaces and would see their academic strengths, the importance of belonging to a University that creates professionals able to meet the challenges and bring about the necessary changes to help the development of the region very correct which indicates the Paez Professorthe new authorities of the UC should improve management of intellectual capital of that institution. I.e. able to identify and select the best talent, without taking into account the political commitments with the groups of power within her, so gerencien the behavioural changes necessary and indispensable today claimed the new social reality. If UC wants to be a competitive institution in the medium term has to bet already on the re-engineering or redesign of the processes of learning and a new style of managing. The new authorities have an obligation to inescapable removed the University of little relevance in the quality of learning. This proposed change should be based on solidarity: public institutions, as well as private ones, should be committed to this long-awaited process of transformation. Definitely the University of Carabobo has a new opportunity to restructure its management, give way to innovative, creative leaders, strategists to ensure a University with academic excellence, research, able to form, train professionals in all those disciplines offered and encouraging a country, that today more than ever, needs collaboration by academic institutions that really know how to play their role by which were created.