Business Services

Adapt to the needs of small, are these businesses local, family or individual, does not imply much money in cash, its local operation, would mean lesser amounts of cash flow to its lending to the purchase of motor vehicles, vehicles, Office equipment or other support. For larger companies, the ssiempres will be most stressful financial needs. Bankers should be trained for these corporate businesses, requiring analysis more complex and sometimes attached to the policies of Governments and especially of existing laws. There are financing options as investments in the flow of short-term capital, accumulation of interest on deposits, small loans or corporate bonds that help energize frequently customers of a financial institution local or national businesses, obviously representing some financial risks. The Bank takes deposits from customers and can use the money for loans from other companies, this in the short term. For big business conditions financial typically change since this business will place a lot in money in the commercial bank with different terms, according to the negotiation that takes place.

In return for their deposits many businesses accept smaller aid financial delivered through a safety deposit box of important documents, some insurance, Treasury services of business, reception of payments, issuance of cheques and certain transfers of money. In addition to short-term capital investments there are banks that allow companies to issue bonds and receive in return a stream that can be an important injection of fresh capital to the business, whether to add a new line of products, or the expansion of the company, or transfer to another place in the country. It is important to consider here the date of issuance and vecimiento for negotiation, as well as for business called small, some additional guarantees required in the financial operation. The simple size of businesses as well as turnover and the amount of money flow that they generate, means the adequacy of the banking services, for corporate or commercial services that will be offered.