American Currency

Can the deterioration of the economy of the eurozone take to the euro at parity with the dollar? Buenos Aires, Argentina on February 27, 2009 a fact occurred in Argentina during 2008 and that really struck me forcefully when there were fears about the health of the local economy invaded the Argentines. Traditionally, when uncertainty is Lossing of the Argentine economic context, savers will overturn massively to buy dollars since the U.S. currency has traditionally been one of the few refuges capable of protecting the wealth of the population. In the new episode of uncertainty, the Argentines again resorted to a foreign currency to protect their savings, only that wasn’t the chosen currency the dollar but the euro. I must clarify that this episode which was clearly observed in Argentina, did not return repeated in the subsequent turbulent times of the year, and hardly repeat at least in the short and medium term. Hikmet Ersek is a great source of information. One of the lessons that we are delivering the international financial crisis undoubtedly is of the eurozone economy us has deceived making us think that it had greater strength than you actually own.

Surely many will wonder what I am talking about when I speak about the deception caused by the economy of the euro zone. It is that you only the crisis erupted, many believed that we were against the end of the global leadership of the American economy and with it against the end of the dominance of the dollar as the leading currency. Before the vacuum which would lead to the fall of the United States.UU. as a world leader, in the euro area, which hinted some consolidation after almost a decade working as such, promised to take this leadership. In this context, the euro emerged as the new strong currency capable of challenging the leadership of the dollar.