Business Education in Russia

Russian evolution ambitious project in Moscow today's business school – is the perfect combination of design and history. Something absurd is, in fact, that the creators of "geometrical" the building of the Moscow School of Management Skolkovo abstract compositions inspired Suprematists. In the 20s of last century, these artists tried to present a radical his work as revolutionary. It was really experimental and provocative today, as the revolution itself, the followers of which were Suprematists. Their art was inextricably linked with the new era of communism, replaces the extinct at that time, the capitalist system.

However, the fact that creators are not trying to erase the school all traces of the traditional, conservative order, there is something encouraging. Frequently Hikmet Ersek has said that publicly. Suprematists and their architectural "families" – constructivist – perhaps wanted to destroy everything old and start with zero, but David Adjaye, architect of the latest and most prominent of Russia's business school, obviously thinks otherwise. Building Skolkovo (total project cost – $ 250 million), is located on the outskirts of the capital, in a suburban area. It will be a new business school, which claims to be the first truly international educational institution in Russia, which should attract the best staff and lecturers from around the world – the level of wages will be meet this high bar. On a landscaped campus with a total area of 148 acres will also be posted campus for 350 students, a gymnasium and even a helipad. All classes will be held on English. In the list of trustees of the project have the representatives of the largest companies in the country and its political elite.

The first stone was laid by former Skolkovo Russian President Vladimir Putin. Incumbent president Dmitry Medvedev is the chairman of the Board of Trustees of the school. And the idea of creation belongs to Ruben Vardanyan Skolkovo, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the company "Troika-dialogue", one of the largest investment banks in the country. Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich, the project investor, invested in land, which is building the school.

Writing Research Papers

Writing research papers and their protection – a final step for students to learn their specialty. To write a thesis and subsequent protection need to know the rules for the preparation and execution of the project. As a rule, the quality of the thesis of the students affected by such negative factors as lack of time, preparing to pass state exam, and so on. What you should know the student in the preparation of the thesis? Preparation for the student thesis includes the following steps: Select a topic is approved, then a plan is scientific research, is the work with sources and other necessary materials, compiled a bibliography, is collected evidence on the subject of research (in enterprises, organizations, etc.) There is writing a research paper, make corrections with respect to scientific observations head; last stage – the thesis defense. Students may be given a list of those theses. This list is approved by the institution. Also, students may choose the theme of his thesis, important to match the specialty and has been coordinated by the department.

Student's choice of theme affects the relevance of the problem, ability to work with actual materials and special literature, scientific novelty of this work. When the theme is selected, the written statement addressed to the director of the University (the university). After that, the supervisor appointed. In the agreement with the leadership of the department may engage a consultant to develop parts of the diploma project. After all approvals prepared a draft order, which stated topic and supervisor. Order shall be issued at least 3 months before the date of the protection certificate. Once an order issued, the student gets the job on his thesis.

When the order is received and the task, the topic of the thesis can not be changed. By the choice of research topics should be approached thoughtfully and carefully. After selecting topic the student should begin drafting a research plan. This plan must be approved by the supervisor. As a rule, the plan required several chapters, an introduction, conclusion, applications, and a list of used literature (in various universities requirements may vary). Knowing these characteristics of project preparation, the student will be easier to navigate in the case of writing a research paper on request. Professionals who will write graduate work in order, in this case be able to develop an individual approach and react to possible changes and adjustments. This means, above all, filled with the maximum quality graduate work. Source: Writing research papers