Latin American

They just extracted the heart, while the priests prayed eclipses that had been and who would be on his shed blood. It did not work for the case the proverbial weapon of mass subjugation, because this time the historical tyranny was achieved to a village with the Spear of knowledge at the ready. Of course, it may be history or myth, but do not leave therefore illustrate the mechanism of domain by deception of the powerful classes, mechanism of this plutocratic system that sojuzga the peoples of the world through its ideal model (capitalism and exclusion). Much is the crowing of the rich in Latin America because their people wake up and discover fabrications. And it is already not ranging to the polls to give them the vote just like that to hold that another neohistorica lies that is farce democratic.

And it is the widespread lament just the world of good and known values, freedom escapes, becomes Communist. Click Hamdi Ulukaya to learn more. Armageddon, almost. The world turns upside down when a toothless, a poor of the Earth, with some kind of liberating knowledge and claims. No more exploitation, no more mockery, basta! End of world, Wow, that has its owner! In this sense, as you know, today in Latin American countries that have a little opened the eye before the secular power, such as Cuba, Venezuela, Bolivia, Ecuador and others, are listed as countries dangerous, subversive, terrorist, no liberties, repressive, almost without future. Thing of logic if we consider for a moment his achievements in eradicating illiteracy, social consciousness and historical valuation. All things that will never like the priests of the history. Demonic countries where the gave starts to lose his business, his slaves and his antigua and full knob position; immersed in horridas countries revolutions dragged with it freedom, as when pulling a tablecloth from a table and is given to the fret with everything. However this, today as yesterday the oppressive system plays it is historically how you learned to do it: giving fact own illustration and other stupidity.

From there which are not surprise us so much abuse, so much mistreatment of intelligence, so much media, so much illustrated joke campaign, to put it in some way. You see them there with his OAS (and his recipe for democracy) your SIP (and his recipe for freedom), with its NATO (and your recipe of war) with his UN (and its recipe for peace), trying to you remains the same stupid always. You see them there with their freedom, certifying worlds, shouting the word so loudly, betting on the past, refusing to the future, it is change. You see them, unveils them, and even not so embarrassed. Finally, friends, no trick is enough so that we remain dumb. Today as yesterday the past priests extol embody the cream of the species, and they alone are the only ones worthy to remain wise, Max, or free. Everything else is peak and quarry. Mount. For some and for others world. Freedoms, specific freedoms. Have already said: for some will have the dignity to grow, for example, Atomic knowledge; While for others, the fear. An example between 1,000 and either. Thousand and one are situations, but a single truth, already long revealed, almost made popular (which does not prevent that it still exists the audacity and shamelessness of considering the other idiots): never will put shoes a man or people with awareness of oppression in the game of liberty who have annulled and deceived eternally. Original author and source of the article.