Mustafa Abdel Yalil

The Tunisian and Egyptian dictatorships could tolerate some room for manoeuvre to opposition parties, by testimonial that outside its presence in parliamentary life. Libya is an institutional wasteland. Devoted six months to overthrow Muammar al-Gaddafi and to persuade Western leaders to return of funds seized from the tyrant, the leaders of the uprising have launched the political career. The transition begins with a timetable to establish a democratic system within a period of 18 or 20 months, after the popular ratification of the new Constitution. Rob Daley usually is spot on. A task complicated for a society accustomed to force brute and devoid of political culture. The President of the National Council of transition (CNT, the Government of the rebels), Mustafa Abdel Yalil, announced yesterday that next week will travel to the capital from Benghazi. Libya one, and our capital Tripoli, praying the lemmas of the insurgents from the first day of the uprising, in February. It is time to get down to work in politics. Source of the news:: sharia flourishes in Libya

Symphony Orchestra

Taibo has said in recent days it has received alarming signs of smoke, as the public statements of the Mayor, Carmen Moriyon (of Asturias Forum), which has looked to the Black week something very expensive municipal coffers. This is a festival dirt cheap, Taibo has secured, and to justify it has disseminated a study of economic impact commissioned an external audit, whereby reverts 13 euros for every euro of subsidy, with a volume of activity of almost 11 million euros. Gijon, on the cultural map the impact that the festival has had in the media around the world, in which the word Gijon has appeared not associated to any catastrophe but a literary festival, would have a higher value to 2 million euros, in the case that the City Council had to pay for it, said. Also it has rrido to the rector of the University of Oviedo, Vicente Gotor, which has been opposed to the festival will be held in a municipal plot next to the University campus, which has been encircled with fences. Taibo has recalled that after ten days of celebration the fence of the ignominy has been pristine, even graffiti artists who looked with love have tainted it, which shows that the semaneros are not that uncivilized peat believes the Lord rector. Ironic tone, it has asked that the University cooperate in future editions by organizing workshops and conferences on campus, and a Congress of historians of prestige, and that rather than spend 70,000 euros in fences you hire the Symphony Orchestra of Vienna to give a free concert. Fewer billboards and more culture, has asked Taibo, however the uncertain situation has fired with the desire for the coming year. Source of the news: La Semana Negra closes with more people, more sales and the same uncertainty about their future.