I’ve been doing photography for several years, this process is periodically flows from one state to another, does not always go smoothly, but always interesting. As a child I remember how my father showed film print photos in dark room. I used to be present, although no idea if that’ll do it professionally. It was very interesting to see how a white sheet of paper shows an image .. I still love these old photographs and albums are always leaf through when I come home. Was in these pictures some subtle soulfulness, Punctum, as they say.

(What punktum, I’ll tell you next time) It is believed that the photographer can not be this photographer, if he did not shoot on film, did not show it in the reagents are not printed and dried ready photos. I do not quite agree with this, though something in this statement is. Extremely helpful to at least a few times see how it goes. But if this is not possible, you should not and get upset. Seasons of the film have passed, now enters the scene number. Now it is very difficult to find good-quality film and darkroom for film development. Everything goes ..

So let’s shoot for a figure, the main thing – what we charge, not in what way, right? Yes, I am distracted. We had an old house ‘Zenith’, but someone has broken a long time before I wanted them to shoot. And ended before it began, the era of black and white film in my life. I recently reviewed it. What he turns out to be small, the lens is just a tiny, even compared to my favorite ‘fifty dollars’. Then I took off on the film ‘Soap-box’ Conica, something happened, something not. For amateur shots were pretty good. But it was a very long time. There was no growth, the pictures seem dull, lacking knowledge. I read everything that we had at home, old books, Then there was training and my first ‘DSLR’ rent. The main thing I made for myself from this period that we must shoot, shoot and shoot again. Remove and analyze what worked and what did not. That the next time to do differently. Next began the era of digital cameras. I bought my first SLR camera, often shoot them now. While I was working in another field, but felt no inspiration and the desire to do this, although there were large prospects. So, I threw it all, took only a photograph, take pictures of people on the job and for magazines. Studied throughout the practice. In 2006, the idea is ripe to create a remote photography schools, I have now and develop it. I like teach people, probably affects the formation of the first. Very interesting to watch how people develop, photograph better and more thoughtful. I myself developed together with them, as a teacher and as a photographer. I wish you development, inspiration, and always go for their dreams, even if everyone says it’s impossible.

The International Advertising Festival

Thus, the Russian Guild of advertising photographers appeared recently – in 1996 year. It brings together the leading advertising and commercial photographer in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Nizhny Novgorod and other cities not only in Russia but also of the CIS. Guild Festival held annually advertising photography "Master". It should be noted that the popularity of this festival grows, and at the exhibition You can see the work of photographers from Italy, the Czech Republic and Latvia.

The creators of "Masters" claim that the purpose of the festival is to develop a certain standard of quality work of advertising photographers. Judging by the fact that the jury composed of experts is the advertising business, it really is. If you add that with the Guild work together almost all the leading advertising agencies, we can clearly trace the trend towards standardization of advertising photos. In addition to this exhibition, there is a nomination in various advertising competitions, such as MIAF – The International Advertising Festival, various international fotoyarmarok in St. Petersburg and Kiev, and, Of course, the international advertising competitions. Speaking of foreign countries – in Germany each year publish a collection of "top 200 global advertising photographers.

The name speaks for itself – each photographer selected the world's leading art director. Each candidate is approved by an international jury composed of professional photographers, editors and, of course, advertisers. Each photographer places a portfolio of 12 works and a detailed list contacts, which can be contacted. Circulation 20 000 copies diverges in the blink of an eye. No wonder that everyone who is engaged in advertising photography, dreams get in this yearbook. So what genre of photography tendered? A total of three nominations: it is the subject of the photo, interior or landscape and picture of the model (advertising the presence of any living creature, not necessarily human). In line with this construct and price range. From cheapest to most expensive. A simple still photos can cost U.S. $ 20, a complicated 100. Well, speaking about a model shoot, we must remember that a photographer is not restricted, and the costs must also add on the cost of renting premises for filming, stylists, model agencies and, of course, the model itself. Remuneration of the photographer also does not have a clear price list. The sum of the fee varies Depending on qualifications, experience and reputation. Matters as the complexity of the work performed and the level of the advertising agency.


Fishing for carp – it's not just recreation or a hobby, not a free pastime – a way of life. So, knowing the opponent's face – you are half way to overcoming it. In general, the carp – fish, fertile, and schooling rather 'sociable'. In Russia, it also called 'Corop' (in some languages this name is still preserved). In addition, the carp – fish is very tasty, it also happens a variety of sizes – captured carp to weigh 16 kg! But such instances (16 kg) is usually live apart from the pack, so you're lucky and catch him just lucky. Now we need to figure out what kind of place to choose for fishing? A place where you can catch the biggest carp and then talk about it to children (his wife, grandchildren, your neighbors – underline), or at least think about it. I think we can not explain that each fishing spot, each body of water, in their own specific. And each has a favorite spot of the fish.

If in a place where you going to catch a carp, is overgrown with water lilies, in which the fish can not only hide from predators, but also a hearty lunch, do not hesitate to go there – without a catch home do not come back! Also, he is not averse to frolic on the sandy shallows, especially now, when at last came the warm summer evenings. If you went fishing in a big pond, there must be small islands that are just a dining table for fish (Island vegetation that helps). Yet, according to an avid fisherman, the best carp fishing in coastal areas with vegetation from various wells and snags. Early in the morning and evening to feed the carp like the shore. Well, the carp, we now know all we need now only remains to choose the 'weapon' by which he can not get away from us, as if he tried! Bouse for carp – a tricky business (the same as the East), therefore, selecting rods for carp, be guided by his own feelings that you experience on a fishing trip. Still, do not forget one little rule that the power of the rod corresponds to the weight of cargo and more + half an ounce. If you decide to seriously 'win' this battle carp, then please be specific forged hooks with a small ring of black or brown.

And remember that the diameter, which are the baits for carp and fish size (approx.) must match the size of the hook. If you intend to catch 5-pound carp, then do not waste your time for less! To do this you need a special gear, which should be well adjusted, and that able to withstand the tug of your sacrifice. Also, do not forget that I mentioned above, a large carp not found in shallow, so the place he chooses too relevant. If you go on a fishing trip on the boat, the bait for carp should be in the mantle, which is attached to the trough near the nose (the stern). Well, now you are fully prepared and know how to catch carp! Now you have every chance of success! In extreme cases, you will spend a good time – she and fishing!