Fishing for carp – it's not just recreation or a hobby, not a free pastime – a way of life. So, knowing the opponent's face – you are half way to overcoming it. In general, the carp – fish, fertile, and schooling rather 'sociable'. In Russia, it also called 'Corop' (in some languages this name is still preserved). In addition, the carp – fish is very tasty, it also happens a variety of sizes – captured carp to weigh 16 kg! But such instances (16 kg) is usually live apart from the pack, so you're lucky and catch him just lucky. Now we need to figure out what kind of place to choose for fishing? A place where you can catch the biggest carp and then talk about it to children (his wife, grandchildren, your neighbors – underline), or at least think about it. I think we can not explain that each fishing spot, each body of water, in their own specific. And each has a favorite spot of the fish.

If in a place where you going to catch a carp, is overgrown with water lilies, in which the fish can not only hide from predators, but also a hearty lunch, do not hesitate to go there – without a catch home do not come back! Also, he is not averse to frolic on the sandy shallows, especially now, when at last came the warm summer evenings. If you went fishing in a big pond, there must be small islands that are just a dining table for fish (Island vegetation that helps). Yet, according to an avid fisherman, the best carp fishing in coastal areas with vegetation from various wells and snags. Early in the morning and evening to feed the carp like the shore. Well, the carp, we now know all we need now only remains to choose the 'weapon' by which he can not get away from us, as if he tried! Bouse for carp – a tricky business (the same as the East), therefore, selecting rods for carp, be guided by his own feelings that you experience on a fishing trip. Still, do not forget one little rule that the power of the rod corresponds to the weight of cargo and more + half an ounce. If you decide to seriously 'win' this battle carp, then please be specific forged hooks with a small ring of black or brown.

And remember that the diameter, which are the baits for carp and fish size (approx.) must match the size of the hook. If you intend to catch 5-pound carp, then do not waste your time for less! To do this you need a special gear, which should be well adjusted, and that able to withstand the tug of your sacrifice. Also, do not forget that I mentioned above, a large carp not found in shallow, so the place he chooses too relevant. If you go on a fishing trip on the boat, the bait for carp should be in the mantle, which is attached to the trough near the nose (the stern). Well, now you are fully prepared and know how to catch carp! Now you have every chance of success! In extreme cases, you will spend a good time – she and fishing!