SOUTHWESTERN STATE UNIVERSITY OF the BAHIA – UESB Department of Geography – DG Summary of the Book of In Elias de Castro, the Problem of Escala. For: Jose Carlos de Oliveira Ribeiro, 2008 Person who orientates: Mrio Rubem Santana. Of use so as the proper scale one meets of such incorporation to the imaginary vocabulary … Read moreSummary

Brazil Geography

To put, then after the institutionalization of Geography, appeared the professor of geography, that lecionava this solely disciplines. The pertaining to school system, the school as is known today, is something relatively recent in the history of the humanity: it was constructed from century XVIII, in the context of development of the industrial capitalism and … Read moreBrazil Geography

European Union

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Accumulation Process

The accumulation process gains new rhythm and localization of the activities most income-producing if becomes more selective. A region is, in the truth, lcus of determined functions of the total society at a given moment. But, for the fact of that, in the past, the same phenomenon if produced, preceding the space divisions of the … Read moreAccumulation Process

Landmarks Antonio

2 GLOBALIZATION the integration between naesdo Diz that: ‘ ‘ Benefits and Curses dGlobalizao to understand on the benfcios and curses of a globalizado world must be imagined that everything what it happens in any I sing of the globe has direct influence or indirectly in the nosas lives for example a economy in economic … Read moreLandmarks Antonio