Accumulation Process

The accumulation process gains new rhythm and localization of the activities most income-producing if becomes more selective. A region is, in the truth, lcus of determined functions of the total society at a given moment. But, for the fact of that, in the past, the same phenomenon if produced, preceding the space divisions of the work had created, in the respective area, diverse fixed instruments of work ace orbits of the productive process, which if comes to join new necessary instruments of work to the activities new and renewed current. The region if would define, thus, as the result of on possibilities to a certain presence, in it, of fixed capitals exerting determined paper or determined functions techniques and of the conditions of its economic functioning, given for the net of relations above indicated. One can be said that it has a true dialectic between both these concrete factors, influencing and modifying the other. Thus, the regional one would be given accurately by forms, considered, however, as forms techniques, except if already they do not function, never leave of being carrying of a content, that is, of a on reception system to the internal logic of firms or institutions and that resistncias to the logic amplest, of general, national nature.

The penetration, in the field, of the forms most modern of the capitalism leads the two complementary results. Of a side, new geographic objects if create, establishing a new structure technique, of another one, the proper structure of the dumb space. Assignments such as urban region or agricultural zone gain a new content. In an area where the organic composition of the capital is raised, where amount and quality of the roads favor the circulation and the exchanges, where the proximity of a great city and the productive and space specialization lead the complementation, the field if it industrializes, becomes object of advanced relation of capital, clearly distinct of that they have place in the traditional agricultural regions in such a way, how much in that, being modern, are distanciadas of the developed urban areas more. What it would distinguish the urban region and the agricultural region will not be more the functional espacializao, but the amount, the density and the multidimension of the relations kept on the respective space. The opposition notion city-field becomes, in this manner, change, to give to place to the complementaridade notion and its exercise on a portion of the space.

Without a doubt, the total space of a country is solidary, therefore to complement. Here, however, one is about cooperation to an inferior scale, that is, to the scale of the immediate process of the production and/or consumption.