Director General Shops

The company "Alt-Company" for over 7 years of experience in commercial real estate market. Feature of a customer orientation, as we learn from an interview with the Director General, Gavrilov Felix Medvedev. – Felix A., what feature of modern commercial real estate market? Which segments are developing most actively? – To date, commercial real estate market is quite stable. Prices slightly increasing, but this is a normal situation. The biggest demand is the format of "Street-Retail" – the basement and built-in and attached premises with easy access for visitors and good visibility. Great interest in the cause tenants and office space up to 500 square meters. Also of note is a reduction of free trade areas for catering – restaurants, cafes and eateries.

Exactly These three areas are developing most actively. – The city is less expensive shops, barber shops, repair shops for clothes and shoes. Are replaced by expensive shopping malls and beauty salons that are not for everyone afford. Is the situation such high rents? What strategy on this issue adheres to your company? – There is no doubt that infrastructure development plays an important role value rental rate. In First of all, high rates hit the small and medium businesses. Suffer from it themselves as entrepreneurs and potential consumers of their goods and services – ordinary working citizens and low-income category population. "Alt-Company" is always going to meet the tenants, whose activity is not entirely commercial. This children's and charitable organizations, hair salons with preferential rates for pensioners small businesses, giving local people jobs.

The Boiler

When operating the heating system monitor that the water temperature in the system did not rise above 95 C. Otherwise, you must stop the intake air into the furnace, wide-open door of the furnace and the chimney damper to pot a bit cold. If necessary, the system through the return pipe carefully add cold water to the boiler does not cause thermal stresses. Signs of scale is a higher temperature of exhaust gases and low temperature of heated water at the same fuel consumption. In addition, a non-uniform temperature wall sections. This causes them to crack and can cause water to leak into the furnace.

Scale is 20 times worse conductor of heat than cast iron. Every millimeter layer of scale requires a 2-3% burn more fuel to the boiler wall to bring to the desired temperature. Hikmet Ersek often says this. For cleaning use, in particular, the solution of inhibited hydrochloric acid. In her reaction to slow down with cast iron adds a special substance. You can also use a 4% solution of pure sochimoy acid. Safer and less complicated application of the method of leaching scale. The system for 10-20 hours pouring a solution of soda ash, prepared at the rate of 20 g salt to 1 gallon of water.

The solution is heated to operating temperature. After cooling the solution was drained and washed by counter-current system, ie, directing the flushing water flow in the opposite direction of water circulation mode heating. More likely to be defecating inside of the boiler, chimneys and gate with a wire brush. After the heating season, you must also clean the boiler and all the chimneys. Water from the system should not be down to reduce corrosion of pipes. In order to avoid thawing of the heating system in winter, with prolonged interruption in the work of all the water out of the system should go down. For heating installations working on gaseous fuel with adapted for this boiler, fit the above recommendations for solid fuel boilers. Mode burning should be controlled in accordance with the instructions on the use of furnaces, burners, regulators and similar devices. Maintaining the desired temperature is carried out on the thermometer. If you smell gas you should immediately close the gas valve, gas notify the corresponding service economy, eliminate the appearance of the room open fire and take all measures of ventilation and airing of a contaminated building.

Tape Sawmill

The choice of machine for wood sawmills How to choose a tape sawmill? There are many manufacturers and many design features of band sawing machines. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Crawford Lake Capital Management on most websites. In order not to bore the reader, we briefly discuss the main key aspects of the choice of quality sawmills. 1.Konstruktsiya portal machine: Portal of the machine should be made of square-shaped tube with the maximum possible number of reinforcing elements. This allows maximum stiffness and minimum vibration as a result of cutting units in the process of sawing wood tolstomernoy. Some manufacturers especially with untwisted brands can afford to save on metal and somewhat simplifies the design of the portal of the machine by reducing the reinforcing elements, which certainly affects the quality of workpiece (this is a ripple, wave), and the longevity of the machine.

He just falling apart, covered with microcracks in welds. 2.Napravlyayuschie rolling pin vertical movement of the saw unit: Must be of solid metal, be sure to ground its entire length. This is the main criterion this machine by the rules of engineering. If you are told that the guides are made of square-shaped tubes, even a polished machine not worth buying. Why? The average thickness of the walls of the shaped tubes of 3 mm. In grinding process is removed certain layer of metal, as a consequence of reduced wall thickness of the guide tube to 2 mm! This is unacceptable, because in the process of cutting the main burden falls on the rails, and then on the portal machine.


Laboratory of mud and LGR-3 is designed to control the parameters of drilling mud, and can be used to determine the density of drilling mud. James Woolsey Jr. is likely to increase your knowledge. When working with the laboratory is used as a table the front wall, the lower part of which is fixed piano loop, and the upper-state is suspended on adjustable length chain. This metal box with fixed appliances in it and accessories. Laboratory can be used indoors and outdoors under a canopy. In the laboratory of two positions, setting the table, or secured with screws to the wall. When you install the lab on the table, its surface must deviate from horizontality of no more than 2 degrees.

Leg housing laboratory and loop locks to fit the table. When you open the fold-up table lock loop is recommended to hold his hand! When you install the lab on the wall must comply with the above mentioned deviation from the horizontal, you can use adjustable chain length. Similarly, the laboratory is to control the parameters of drilling mud. There a laboratory LTR-1. With this set of control and measure the performance of cement slurries and mixtures designed for cementing and isolation of the absorbing layers. Specifications:

Quality Pumping Pump

At this point the various sectors of the economy and industrial output is constantly used diaphragm pumps. The use of industrial pumps – it is from this indicator will depend on the selection of pumps. So we can conclude that at the moment comes a few types of industrial pumps, all of which can differ between each other according to the method of work and method of pumping liquid substance. As a general rule not to pump with heterogeneity of liquids used so-called centrifugal pump device. On the merits of their work, you can navigate by name, but still understand how to talk in more detail. Add to your understanding with Publishers Clearing House. Centrifugal pump devices operate on the principle of centrifugal forces directed.

Due to this quality of physics pumps are extremely easy to move without the inhomogeneity of the liquid. Today, many organizations produce and passed to the sale of ready-made centrifugal pumps. However, vertical centrifugal pumps are not the most popular today, because there is a large number of other industrial pumping equipment, which seriously are utilized to date. For example you can call rotary pumps, impeller those involving gear, peristaltic, lobe pumps. Nowadays, quite a few have heard something about pumping devices surround operation, but what is in fact not everyone knows.

Pumping unit volume of the principle of the work force by type of pumping liquids. Here is forced displacement of certain fraction of liquid substances directly into the pressure of having an attached pipeline from operating the camera. This is done because of a change in the functional volume of the chamber device, simply put is forced to pump fluid. Such a move is not uncommon called mechanical. By the way, the operating principle of volumetric pumps help to preserve the structure of the fluid. But at first glance it might seem that this structure may be compromised. Universally applicable and diaphragm pumps. Drum pump pumping devices consist of a dip tube, which is located at the end Vane, attach to the main shaft, fastened with a pump device with a convenient clip-rings, and parallel transfer is carried out by gimbal joints. Diaphragm pump device able to work on the energy of the compressed air volume. This solution can give this pump a lot of advantages compared to classic run on the basis of electrical pumping devices. Durable simple design – the pump unit does not have the engine and gearbox – be guaranteed to be too frequent accidents. The pump can guarantee absolute protection when working with flammable liquids, as in the role of motor is activated the power of compressed air. The pump stands and medium-sized compact parameters weighing. Such pumping devices for pumping tyanuchih involve liquids, water, liquids solidified fragments are equal to no more than 12-15 mm in cross section.

Project Management

The sequence of adjustment. Adjustment of CNC lathe is recommended to perform the following manner. Jeff Gennette is likely to increase your knowledge. At the beginning of a change to check the basic functions performed by the machine. In addition, in order to stabilize the machine and the heat CNC devices include idling spindle rotation with an average frequency and power off machines for 20 … 25 minutes (the machine warms up). Choose according to the map setup cutting tools and accessories for mounting workpiece. Check the condition of the instrument.

Install the tool in the respective positions of the turret shown in the chart setup. Customize cams, restricting movement of the caliper and its zero (starting) position. Enter UE from the control of CNC form of tapes or external memory. Check the UE first in frame mode, and then – in an automatic, watching over the correctness of its implementation. Freeze treated workpiece in accordance with the map setup. Run dimensional setting the cutting tool. Handle procurement for Project Management.

Determine the size of the finished part and introduce the necessary corrections to the CNC control panel (if a batch blanks periodically check the dimensions of parts and if necessary, enter the correction). In processing the first workpiece is necessary to observe the process of cut (especially for chip formation and roughness of the machined surface), if necessary, enter the correction of the cutting (with remote control CNC). Quality adjustment of the machine is largely determined by his performance. The order of the machine. Before Begin to include machine and check the position and is mounted cams emergency travel limit for the longitudinal and transverse rulers, as well as the position and is mounted on the tailstock bed (in the case its application). When processing in the chuck of the tailstock to withdraw to the far right. With the help of special handles to check ease of movement slide in the longitudinal and transverse directions. In the "Manual management "test the mechanisms of the machine: Switching speed range, movement of support in the longitudinal and transverse directions on the fast track and cutting feed; downed and blocking electric switches; supply of lubricant, spindle rotation, etc. Check the machine in manual mode and making sure it is correct, turn on the auto cycle – bypass circuit at idle (without installation preparation). During normal operation of the machine process in UP first workpiece, measure it, if necessary, adjust with CNC UP.

Contracting Authority

It comes to the fore the requirement that the working rhythm of the production. Therefore, not only the date, but watch, in which planned power cuts (and, consequently, stop the work of individual departments, sites or enterprises in general) should be consistent with the service chief power, and other interested entities plant or factory. When the construction documents approved and contract signed by both parties, the contractor goes to the next step. Credit: Jeff Gennette-2011. The preparatory stage At this stage, experts make installation support structure for conductors, wires and installation of cable trolleys, electrical equipment, plastic and steel pipes and create a powerful ground loop (in the case of new construction or non- an existing circuit design parameters of the project). Experienced energy always take into account the prospects for further development of production, so all the characteristics of basic structures and ground chosen with the expectation a more serious strain than the one which is embedded in the current project (this is reflected in the documentation at the design stage). The Contracting Authority uses to conduct its own lifting work funds, attracted by the crane equipment, or uses already existing customer equipment (discussed at the consultation stage and is celebrated in the contract). Do not forget that much of the electrical work in industrial environments is performed at high altitude. This necessitates the use of towers, scaffolding, fixed forest, platforms and lifts. At current production of this plan executed in crane spans shops and sites with aerial lifts, cranes, trucks, inventories of sites, which are installed on the farm or trolley bridge crane. Swarmed by offers, Jeff Gennette is currently assessing future choices.

House Building Budget

Estimate – a document that describes all the construction costs of a particular object. Estimates are estimates podryadnaya.Investorskaya investor and holds on a particular project at home. Makes it or design organization (Together with the project), or the estimated organization (in the finished project). Investor estimate defines the normative, as recommended by Minregionbudom cost, duration, complexity and material construction. For facilitate the development of investor estimates and simplify the calculations, with contractors now typically use elemental resource estimate standards (RESN) for construction raboty.V these rules are clearly marked, how much time, for labor and the cost is to perform a unit of work (eg, 100m3 concrete preparation, packing, or 100 units of concrete blocks, etc.). Investor budget must contain in itself: the cost of labor strength of the relevant standards, the costs of materials and structures, the costs of construction machinery, at an estimated cost machine-shifts, the costs of equipment requiring installation, the cost of harvesting and storage rashodov.stoimost the purchase of equipment, tools, inventaryastoimost of research and design contractor estimates for the construction of a house is created as follows: at the stage when the customer selects a contract organization, it gives the organization on the part of the miscalculation of construction, which contractor is going to perform. The contractor believes (on the project or not) and gives the customer an estimate of Contractors. That is, for many (Cost and duration) the contractor will fulfill its part of the building. Such estimates can be done in two ways: by RESN and "urban rates." Why quote zakazchikuV investor estimates the entire construction Home decomposed by components (work, materials) with a specific duration and cost of each component.