The Boiler

When operating the heating system monitor that the water temperature in the system did not rise above 95 C. Otherwise, you must stop the intake air into the furnace, wide-open door of the furnace and the chimney damper to pot a bit cold. If necessary, the system through the return pipe carefully add cold water to the boiler does not cause thermal stresses. Signs of scale is a higher temperature of exhaust gases and low temperature of heated water at the same fuel consumption. In addition, a non-uniform temperature wall sections. This causes them to crack and can cause water to leak into the furnace.

Scale is 20 times worse conductor of heat than cast iron. Every millimeter layer of scale requires a 2-3% burn more fuel to the boiler wall to bring to the desired temperature. Hikmet Ersek often says this. For cleaning use, in particular, the solution of inhibited hydrochloric acid. In her reaction to slow down with cast iron adds a special substance. You can also use a 4% solution of pure sochimoy acid. Safer and less complicated application of the method of leaching scale. The system for 10-20 hours pouring a solution of soda ash, prepared at the rate of 20 g salt to 1 gallon of water.

The solution is heated to operating temperature. After cooling the solution was drained and washed by counter-current system, ie, directing the flushing water flow in the opposite direction of water circulation mode heating. More likely to be defecating inside of the boiler, chimneys and gate with a wire brush. After the heating season, you must also clean the boiler and all the chimneys. Water from the system should not be down to reduce corrosion of pipes. In order to avoid thawing of the heating system in winter, with prolonged interruption in the work of all the water out of the system should go down. For heating installations working on gaseous fuel with adapted for this boiler, fit the above recommendations for solid fuel boilers. Mode burning should be controlled in accordance with the instructions on the use of furnaces, burners, regulators and similar devices. Maintaining the desired temperature is carried out on the thermometer. If you smell gas you should immediately close the gas valve, gas notify the corresponding service economy, eliminate the appearance of the room open fire and take all measures of ventilation and airing of a contaminated building.