The possibility of subcontracting of services involving access to data by a third party is regulated in article 21 of Royal Decree 1720 / 2007, of 21 December, which approves the regulation of development of the organic law 15/1999, of 13 December, of protection of personal data, in its title III relating to the charge of treatment. Subcontracting for the provision of services is something that can become something quite normal, so we will summarized in a simple way which means according to the activity and its fundamental characteristics. The first point to be treated are the subjects involved. As we know the data protection act when it comes to the supply of services involving access to data identifies two parts, responsible for the file and the responsible of the treatment. Association is the place to go. As well, when it comes to subcontracting, do that third company that appears in the equation that figure assumes? The data protection Act makes it clear that the outsourced company will assume the figure in charge of the treatment, with all the obligations and duties of this figure, and is that the company that subcontracts do not as responsible for the treatment of the person in charge but it does so on behalf and on account of this.

Therefore in this situation we could speak of the existence of a file manager and two responsible for treatment on the same situation or service provided. The next question that may arise is when you can outsource, or if the will of the responsible of the treatment is enough to do so. For the outsourcing of service between the Manager and the Manager is mandatory condition have the express consent of the owner of the file, either at the time of the hiring of service or a posteriori but always prior to subcontracting. Once you have the authorisation of the person responsible for, the last step is to regularize the situation between the processor and the outsourced company. Here the legislation refers us to the already established for contracts between file managers and managers of treatment to regulate access to data for the provision of a service, namely the contract of the Article 12 of the data protection act. Ultimately, the data protection Act regulates subcontracting very similarly to as it does when it is simply a relationship between the owner of the file and the responsible for the treatment, not recognizing the subcontractor as a new figure and assigning the same personality and obligations as a responsible of the treatment. Audea Alvaro Aritio Department right ICT information security

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The moment I completed with my en-softball bat acquired, I went lower to determine in which the pitch was since i felt such as the pitch was and that i saw him do this also at it (ticked) me off much more.Inch It is the latest incident including Perez, who lately belittled Indians fans for his or her insufficient support and was penalized the 2009 season by Mlb to have an inappropriate tweet following the teams were built with a contentious series in Might. Perez stated teammate Tony Sipp, who s buddies with Dyson, had told him the Royalty were not pleased with a few of the comments plus they were coming for me personally.Inch Throughout Monday s game, Perez guaranteed his teammates within the bullpen when I struck out Dyson I d result in the you cannot see me gesture made popular by professional wrestler John Cena. Perez stated before Tuesday s game the gesture was at reaction to what Dyson told Sipp. This is the only reason Used to do it, Perez stated. I stated, All right, you are coming for me personally, I am coming for you personally.To Basically strike you out of trouble, you are getting the can t see me face.

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