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They know in part to demand its rights and already they are cnscios of the problems that they reach and of the world in which they live. Ahead of this we point that practical the educative ones offered inside of the MST walk for a democratic education, where the citizens are taught to be critical, to have autonomy, to fight for its rights and, over all if to place face to the world where if they find not more as mere spectators, and yes, as construction social actors of its proper history and capable to modify the space where they live. Militant the infantile ones believe that the methodology they taught assist to them in its fight and the construction of its citizenship, as well as in the formation politics that they possess. Finally, they believe that what apprehends they will future help them so that when they become adults continue militating in favor of the agrarian reform, amongst other causes. In this direction the searched children notice that to the movement a bigger understanding of the society and &#039 makes possible them; ' teias' ' they permeiam that them, in critical way, and then they construct its citizenships, turning itself toward the problems inside punish that them of the society capitalist of century XXI, which if worries more about having of what with the being, and is there that the MST if distinguishes, has seen that the valuation of the identities and the citizens is greaters that the economic capital that an individual possesss. 6. PRELIMINARY CONCLUSIONS Retaking the question initial that provoked this research that was: Is possible to develop the critical formation in the infantile education level II in the field? We conclude that it has in fact the possibility to work the politicalization, a time that the citizens, even so are children, are capable to be acquired knowledge critically, test of this, is that they already possess a differentiated vision of the majority of the citizens of its age, has seen that they make a reading of the world of form reasonable clear and desingenuizada. We evidence that practical theory and is in accord inside of the movement without land, in the direction of that.