Contracting Parties

Extend the edge of his cloak, upon me since you are a relative that I can redeem. Boaz answered; the Lord bless you, my daughter. This new demonstration of loyalty in your party exceeds the previous, since you’ve not gone looking for young men, rich or poor. And now, my daughter, don’t be afraid. I will do for you everything you ask me to. All my people know that you are an exemplary woman. But even if it is a relative of yours that can redeem you, there is another closer than I. Tomorrow I will talk about with the and if the wants to redeem you do it, but if it is not willing to do so, as surely as the Lord lives, I swear to you I redeem! The next day Boaz went in search of another relative and told him in front of 10 elders that they served as a witness; Noemi has returned from the land of Moab, is selling the land that belonged to our brother Elimelec.

Considers that it should inform you of the issue and suggest you buy it in the presence of these witnesses and the elders of my people. If you’re going to redeem the land, do it. But if you will not redeem it, let me know, so that I may know it. Because no one else has the right to redeem it but you, and after you, I have that right. The relative of Boaz answered; I redimo it. But Boaz clarified; the day that you acquire the terrain of Naomi, you also acquire Ruth, the Moab, widow of the deceased, in order to preserve his name along with his inheritance.

Then not I can redeem it – replied the Redeemer relative-‘ because it could impair my own inheritance. Best redecir me what you; I give my rights. The Bible tells that in those days, to ratify the redemption or transfer of a property in Israel, one of the Contracting Parties took the sandal and gave it to the other. The contracts are so legalizaban. Boaz proclaim before the elderly; Today you are witnesses that I bought to Naomi all property of Elimelech, Quilion and Majlon, and that I have taken as a wife to Ruth the Moabite, the widow of Majlon, to end of preserve the name of the deceased with his inheritance, so that his name will not disappear from their family or from the records of the people. Boaz took Ruth, and married her. Despite being a woman who did not belong to the people of Israel, God saw her favorably because of his loyalty and gave him to be pregnant, so he had a son. They put him by name Obed. But it granted not only be pregnant; God put her in front of a large offspring. Obed had a son who called name Jesse. (E) Jesse in turn had a son who called name David. This David, is a direct descendant of Joseph, the father of Jesus Christ. Original author and source of the article.

Double Your Investment

Double your investment in a few months with the fuelwood more big Latin America 24 July 2009 by Paola Pecora addition of leadership in agroenergy in Latin America, this company is, at global level, the third producer of sugar, the fifth-largest producer of ethanol, the largest producer of electric power with use of sugar cane and one of the largest exporters of ethanol. In March 2009, it merged with the agroenergy Novamerica, one of the leaders in the Brazilian market of sugar, passing well to operate 23 plants, with a total annual of about 60 million tons of sugar cane milling capacity, which represents 10% of the Brazilian market. His name is Cosan (BVSP:CSAN3, NYSE:CZZ), and is the largest producer of sugar and ethanol in Brazil. The Brazilian Minister of mines and energy, Edison Lobao said that the country will increase its production of ethanol by 150% to 64,000 million liters to 2017, thus transforming in the World’s leading exporter of ethanol, which today holds United States. In 2017, Brazil intend to export 8 billion liters of ethanol, against 5 billion in 2008, consolidating itself as the largest exporter of ethanol in the world. Brazil is the world’s largest producer of sugar, with 31.6 million tonnes in 2007/08, followed by India with 23 million tonnes. Brazil exports more than it consumes, 55% of its production is derived from the international market.

The participation of Brazil in the international market was 45% in 2007/08. As for ethanol, the Brazilian production comes up with the increase in the manufacture of vehicles driven by biofuels, which already account for 90% of the cars sold in the country, according to ANFAVEA. Brazil has a population of 200 million people. Sew estimates that its production of ethanol will be in 2.3 billion liters in 2009. According to Marinho Lutz, Vice President commercial and logistics of the company: we have a great potential of stocks and logistics capacity to meet the growing market demand and further increase our participation.