The Scene

Surpreso, exclamou half whispering: – Caramba Z! Already I now heard to such legend and you believing The face you the same living creature! Because it does not raise and walks? Thus it would go to leave of being legend and to silence the mouth of much people! Cautious, without knowing what to say the … Read moreThe Scene

The Culture

Sixth rule To explore texts figurative A text can be thematic or figurative. He is thematic that one that it deals with the express ideas in abstract. The text is figurative that displays the ideas for ' ' concreto' ' , that is, through symbols, comparisons, parabolas, fbulas etc. You may wish to learn more. … Read moreThe Culture

Terrestrial Nature

The Human being goes to have much that to evolve to know the MASTER JESUSES, who most of the people make question to ignore, moved for its bad pride. If JESUS co-author with GOD of the planet Land extended its skies, who can assassin-Lo? He killed JESUS? 1 Bendize, my soul, the Mr.! Sir, God … Read moreTerrestrial Nature


Reflection on the Dogmtica Constitution ' ' I gave Verbum' ' OBJECTIVE the objective greater of Conclio was to spread out the Word of God, in fulfilment to the desire of Jesus Christ who announced: IDE for the entire world and announces the Good Notice to all the Humanity. (Mc 16,15) Soon, in the Promio, … Read moreReflections